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Evangelism in the Digital Age

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The Method Has Changed, the Message Has Not.

After twelve years of ministering to students on public campuses, Brian Barcelona's world turned upside down when public schools shut down in March 2020. He wondered if his ministry was over until two teenagers challenged him to minister using his smartphone and digital platforms--methods he had no idea how to use effectively.

With passion and humility, Brian shares the incredible story of how God helped him go from reaching thousands of students locally to preaching to over five million globally each month. He gives practical tips and best practices from his and others' experiences on how you, too, can instantly reach more people than you ever thought possible, leading others in salvation, healing, deliverance and even baptisms digitally

Don't Scroll is the inspiring how-to manual for powerfully sharing the Gospel using the digital tools already in your hands, as well as the heart and language for what Jesus is doing in this generation. 

"I have seen firsthand the fruit of what this ministry does. I recommend anyone to read and live out what this book entails."--NICK VUJICIC, New York Times bestselling author

"May this book open our eyes and break our hearts afresh for Generation Z and give us bold faith to believe for the Gospel to save millions."--BRIAN "HEAD" WELCH, New York Times bestselling author


"The work of Brian Barcelona, One Voice Student Missions, and The Jesus Clubs is truly one that I believe in as I have seen firsthand the fruit of what this ministry does. Don't Scroll not only speaks of the way youth are accepting Christ in Generation Z through the digital platforms, but it also speaks of the heart and culture behind this movement."

Nick Vujicic, bestselling author; founder, Life Without Limbs

"Coming from the 'rock 'n' roll all night and party every day' lifestyle, I'm not easily shocked, but the deception that the youth are bombarded with through corrupt societal influences is at a level I've never seen in my entire life. May this book open our eyes and break our hearts afresh for Generation Z and give us bold faith to believe for the Gospel to save millions."

Brian "Head" Welch, co-founder, Grammy Award-winning band Korn; New York Times bestselling author, Save Me from Myself

"Brian Barcelona is calling us to join him in the gutters of social media for the sake of the Gospel and the generation that lives there. In view of Jesus' love for people who live in gutters, Brian's message deserves our attention and thoughtful consideration."

Dalton Thomas, founder and president, Frontier Alliance International

"Brian Barcelona has reached millions with his ambition, but more than that, his integrity has allowed him to keep going. Brian desperately wants people to come to Jesus Christ and is willing to do anything to make that happen, even if it seems foolish to others, even if it's on TikTok."

David Latting, Christian social media influencer, evangelist, and missionary

"Brian Barcelona is pioneering a new way of evangelism that is captivating the heart of Gen Z. Don't Scroll is a must-read for the Church. I am grateful for Brian and his team for their courage to boldly proclaim the Gospel to this next generation."

Michael Miller, lead pastor, UPPERROOM Dallas

"After witnessing millions saved in Africa and seeing God's presence move, I can truly say that what Brian Barcelona is sharing is a move of God among young people. Don't Scroll is a book that I would recommend you read and live out."

Daniel Kolenda, evangelist and president, Christ for all Nations

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    Brian Barcelona

    Brian Barcelona ( is an author, a speaker and the founder of One Voice Student Missions and The Jesus Clubs. He ministers to millions each month through digital media, including Instagram, TikTok, Zoom and YouTube. Brian lives with...

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