Don't Burn Out, Burn Bright

How to Thrive in Ministry for the Long Haul

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Build toward Long-Term Energy, Health, and Success as a Leader

Pastors and ministry leaders are some of the hardest-working people in the world--and they have the high rate of burnout to prove it. As a leader, if you aren't operating at peak efficiency and taking care of yourself, it is bound to catch up with you in a big way. So few in ministry feel they have the time to take a sabbatical or tend to their own physical, emotional, and spiritual needs. But healthy rhythms of work and rest are the key to a thriving, long-term ministry.

Putting their years of experience as both leaders and consultants to work, Jason Young and Jonathan Malm show you how to fine-tune your leadership and organize your life in such a way that you can become a high-capacity leader without the exhaustion and discouragement so many feel. They teach you how to set healthy boundaries, release control, operate from your values, and much more in order to burn bright and make a lasting impact without sacrificing your health, happiness, and relationships.


"Leaders get into ministry because they want to be part of great things. But too often, leadership can lead to burnout. It doesn't have to. In Don't Burn Out, Burn Bright, Jason and Jonathan provide a framework that will help you thrive."

Andy Stanley, senior pastor, North Point Ministries

"Navigating the complexity of life and leadership seems to get harder every year. In this book, replete with stories and real-world examples every leader can relate to, Jason and Jonathan offer a practical guide to making it through leadership in a healthy way."

Carey Nieuwhof, bestselling author of At Your Best, podcaster, and founder of

"Jason and Jonathan have hit the nail on the head in their new book, Don't Burn Out, Burn Bright. They address a problem that has been ignored for too long--burnout in leadership--with real, attainable solutions. Thank you for bringing this valuable resource into the leadership world."

Charles Nieman, founder and senior pastor, Abundant Church

"Faced with the demands of life, family, and ministry, we are witnessing burnout among pastors at a seemingly higher rate than ever before. In Don't Burn Out, Burn Bright, Jason Young and Jonathan Malm provide spiritual and practical guidelines for pastors struggling with balancing the demands of pastoral leadership with life. Young and Malm provide keen insight into the subtle nuances of perfectionism, control, and boundaries and their impact on the pastoral leader. This book can easily be contextualized across ministry expressions and is a must-read for every pastor in need of striking the balance between life and pastoral leadership."

Dr. Craig L. Oliver Sr., pastor, Elizabeth Baptist Church

"Don't Burn Out, Burn Bright achieves a striking balance between idealism and practicality. At a time when leaders--especially ministry leaders--are under pressure like never before, its call to careful circumspection is helpful at any level of responsibility. I hope young leaders in particular heed its advice and follow the path to shining brightly over an entire career."

Dr. Gene Fant, president, North Greenville University

"The journey of providing pastoral leadership is fulfilling, yet many leaders burn out in the process. In Don't Burn Out, Burn Bright, Jason and Jonathan provide practical insights to help leaders take a careful inventory of their lives and take the necessary steps to be effective for the long haul. Because of the authors' experience and proximity to leaders, readers are provided with indispensable wisdom to assist them in impacting others and remaining emotionally, mentally, and spiritually vibrant."

Jason Caine, lead campus pastor, Bayside Church, Blue Oaks Campus

"It is tragically ironic that those serving the Prince of Peace and the Good Shepherd are regularly burning out and growing discouraged. Jason Young and Jonathan Malm demonstrate that leaders should expect challenges but not burnout. You will find much wisdom and practical examples in these pages to help you thrive throughout your calling."

Dr. Richard Blackaby, author and president, Blackaby Ministries International

"Every week, I hear from pastors who are exhausted, ready to quit, or recovering from personal failure. The polarization in our culture and congregations puts a can't-win pressure on those who lead our churches. Mental health challenges are front and center among pastors more than I've ever seen. I'm grateful for the incredibly practical tips found in these pages. The recommended rhythms from Jason and Jonathan are life-giving and will help you regain your joy and passion for people."

Tim Stevens, executive pastor, Willow Creek Community Church

"As a church leader with over forty years in ministry, I can say that Don't Burn Out, Burn Bright by Jason and Jonathan is greatly needed for every church leader who wants to go the distance in a healthy and productive way. Their new book delivers practical insights for ministry in a complex and fast-paced world."

Dr. Dan Reiland, executive pastor, 12Stone Church

"What I really love about this book is the unapologetic way it speaks to reality. Most pastors and Christian leaders understand the reality of discouragement and exhaustion. The call to serve our Savior carries the highest honor and the greatest joy, but the demands of ministry can lead to the depths of despair. Every leader should read these words from Jason and Jonathan. They are well crafted, highly practical in application, and written with solutions in mind. They are very encouraging words for which I am most deeply grateful."

Dr. Don Wilton, pastor, First Baptist Church, Spartanburg, SC; preacher, The Encouraging Word broadcast; author of Saturdays with Billy

"One of the great challenges of ministry is learning to manage and cope with the inevitable ups and downs that plague and push us. Resources that are targeted toward keeping leaders motivated and encouraged during challenging times are scarce. Survival through these seasons is best done when we have put mechanisms of prevention from and barriers to discouragement in place. Jason Young and Jonathan Malm have written a life-changing and ministry-saving resource that focuses on preventing burnout and discouragement. I wholeheartedly recommend Don't Burn Out, Burn Bright for every leader and pastor. Make the kingdom investment to survive and thrive in life and ministry."

Dr. Charles E. Goodman Jr., senior pastor/teacher, Tabernacle Baptist Church

"After serving in ministry for forty-four years, I've realized that many fellow pastors never complete the task God set before them. Why? Emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical burnout. Jason and Jonathan have put their years of experience together in this incredible book to encourage you for the long haul."

Sam Davis, associate pastor, First Baptist Church, Spartanburg, SC

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  1. Jason Young

    Jason Young

    Jason Young is a keynote speaker, coach, and consultant who helps churches and businesses thrive by guiding people to understand themselves, each other, and their work culture. The coauthor of The Come Back Effect, The Come Back Culture, The...

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  2. Jonathan Malm
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    Jonathan Malm

    Jonathan Malm helps churches through his projects, and, and consults with organizations on guest services and creative expression. The coauthor of The Come Back Effect, The Come Back Culture, The...

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