Digital Detox

The Two-Week Tech Reset for Kids

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Parents are familiar with the sight: grumpy, irritable, inattentive kids. You know the cause of it--too much time on digital devices. But it's hard to know what to do about it. One day, Molly DeFrank had had enough and pulled the plug on her kids' screen time. She was tired of her sweet children acting like addicts desperate for their next fix. The results were better than she could have ever dreamed. What started as a two-week experiment changed her family's life.  

In this shame-free book, you'll learn and apply all of Molly's secrets with her 14-day kick-start plan. Then, Molly equips you with all of the simple, practical, flexible tools you'll need to continue for a lifetime. 

Making a change is easier than it sounds, and the results are immediate. No more screen zombies. Digital Detox is the simple guide to overnight course correction that will help parents get their wonderful kids back.   

The Author

  1. Molly DeFrank

    Molly DeFrank

    Pre-babies, Molly DeFrank earned a degree in international relations and worked as a press aide for former California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. She is a California stay-at-home mom and foster mom to five kids ages 11 and under. She spends most of her...

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