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God is speaking. Are you listening?

Ever wonder what Jesus might say to you if you met him on the street? Chances are his message to you wouldn't be all that different from what it was two thousand years ago, even though you live in a totally different world. You can discover what he said--and what it means for you every day--by reading his words found in the Bible.

If you want to grow in your faith and understand who Jesus really is, Devotions for Real Life can help. Each short daily devotion from bestselling author Melody Carlson helps you read Jesus's words for yourself. Then Melody unpacks and applies his words to all of your life--school, family, relationships, and more.

Devotions for Real Life gives you words you can depend on through all the ups and downs and runarounds of your world.

The Author

  1. Melody Carlson

    Melody Carlson

    Melody Carlson is the award-winning author of more than 250 books with sales of more than 7.5 million, including many bestselling Christmas novellas, young adult titles, and contemporary romances. She received a Romantic Times Career Achievement...

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