Desperate Women of the Bible

Lessons on Passion from the Gospels

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Are you desperate for Jesus? Do you feel passionate about your faith? Do you long for something more out of your spiritual life? In the Gospels you'll find the stories ofÕ seven nameless women who were driven by passion and desperation to find out who Jesus really was. Come alongside them and experience how their encounters with God transformed their lives.

Jo Kadlecek is your guide to these unforgettable women. Through her unique writing she reveals new insights into Christ's life and character to help you make sense of your own situations and passions. You will find new hope in discovering how Jesus can use even your most desperate desires to lead you closer to him and into a life of greater fullness and purpose.


"Jo beautifully pairs God's provision with our very personal desperations. Turning her writer's pen on the subtle, secondary women of Scripture, she underlines how Jesus meets our needs and enables us to see his presence in our own daily desperations."--Elisa Morgan, CEO and president, MOPS International

"I have read the Biblical accounts of these seven nameless women so many times before, but this time was very different. As Jo shared her insights into the lives of these women who experienced Jesus himself in the face of extreme pain and hopelessness, I found myself being drawn into a deeper personal understanding of the depth of the mercy, love, and forgiveness of Christ. I highly recommend this book for both men and women who want to receive a greater understanding of what it means to be a representative of Christ to a world that is desperate to know Him."--Nancy Alcorn, president & founder, Mercy Ministries

"Although conflicts, heartaches, and obstacles will always be before us, this book is a reminder that an encounter with Christ gives us hope for satisfaction, freedom, grace, forgiveness, and purpose. Jesus gave hope to these desperate women and extends the same invitation to the desperation in us all. He is our find; he is our prize; and we are his."--Jami Smith, worship leader and musician,

"Jo Kadlecek is a gifted writer! Desperate Women of the Bible is an inspiring, prayerful resource for anyone who wants to know more about women in the Scriptures. The women on these pages come alive as Kadlecek skillfully adds contemporary anecdotes and personal stories that help us realize that solutions to many of today's problems are to be found in the Bible and the Gospel of love given to us by the Lord."--Amy Hill Hearth, coauthor of the New York Times bestseller, Having Our Say: The Delany Sisters' First 100 Years

"I have found in Desperate Women of the Bible a careful teaching on Scripture that invites me to Jesus. Jo has given us an insightful gift into Christ's ways with women. I remember why I love Him as I read the stories here. I think many will be blessed by the truth brought to light in this book."--Debbie Haliday, regional camp director, So Cal FCA

"Jo Kadlecek's writing draws me in and her insight takes me deep. Her personal stories compliment the stories in the Scripture and make relevant the lives of these 'desperate women.'"--Sue Semrau, head women's basketball coach, Florida State University

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  1. Jo Kadlecek

    Jo Kadlecek

    Jo Kadlecek is a journalist, author, retreat and conference teacher, and adjunct professor of communication arts and writing at Gordon College in Wenham, Massachusetts. She is the author of ten books, including Desperate Women of the Bible and Woman...

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