Deliverance and Inner Healing, Revised Edition

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There is no question the world is fractured. Nations, families, and individuals all experience a broken and fallen world in which Satan maintains strongholds of power. But believers are to become free, whole, and mature in Christ. John Loren Sandford and Mark Sandford bring understanding and reconciliation between the disciplines of deliverance and inner healing. They correct misunderstandings, identify abuses, and present direction for using both ministries effectively. With clear, informative chapters and multiple appendixes full of scriptural references, Deliverance and Inner Healing is the one-stop source for both theoretical and practical application of deliverance and inner healing today.


"John and Mark Sandford have produced, in this revised and updated volume, a work very accurately described by its title. It is truly A Comprehensive Guide to Deliverance and Inner Healing. I would add just one word. It is an excellent comprehensive guide to deliverance and inner healing. This textbook provides a wealth of material to guide deliverance and inner healing ministers, as well as students in the field, to good success."--From the foreword by Doris M. Wagner, doctor of practical ministry; co-founding apostle, International Society of Deliverance Ministers

"The command to proclaim the Kingdom, heal the sick and cast out demons has always been part of the Great Commission; healing and deliverance should always go hand in hand. This excellent manual brings understanding of both inner healing and deliverance in a unique and practical way--a gold mine of precious truth from two very experienced practitioners. An excellent reference tool for pastors, counselors and members of prayer ministry teams."--Peter Horrobin, international director, Ellel Ministries International

"With a depth of insight combining biblical truth and experiential understanding, the Sandfords give us a gold mine in Deliverance and Inner Healing. 'You can't have one without the other' is more than a catchy phrase. It is a reality expounded on in this treatise on healing the whole person."--James W. Goll, director, Encounters Network and Prayer Storm; author, The Seer, Prayer Storm and The Coming Israel Awakening

"Read this book and you will never again use a 'standardized approach' to helping hurting people. Holy Spirit pioneers, ministers and wordsmiths John and Mark Sandford powerfully show the significance of bringing together inner healing (sanctification of the heart) and deliverance (removal of demonic influence). They demonstrate that using one without the other is grossly insufficient for most cases. (We heartily agree!) John and Mark also clearly delineate situations, however, when either inner healing or deliverance is more effective separately. And in some cases, such as deepest depression, they caution us to do neither. This book will also help you reassess the relationship between ministry and psychology, and it will broaden and deepen your knowledge of demonic strongholds. Thank you, John and Mark, for this precious gift."--Chester and Betsy Kylstra, authors, Restoring the Foundations and Biblical Healing and Deliverance; founders, Restoring the Foundations International,

"This is one of the most balanced, biblical approaches to inner healing and deliverance that I have ever read. It will help set thousands free and release them to God's purpose in their generation."--Cindy Jacobs, co-founder, Generals International

"John and Mark Sandford bring years of practical ministry and experience to a complex, often avoided, yet desperately needed area of Christian life--healing and freedom for the deep places of the heart."--John Arnott, founding pastor, Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship

The Authors

  1. John Loren Sandford

    John Loren Sandford

    John Loren Sandford is co-founder of Elijah House Ministries, an international ministry established in 1975 that teaches the principles of repentance and forgiveness while highlighting the power of Jesus' death and resurrection. John is considered a pioneer in...

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  2. Mark Sandford

    Mark Sandford

    Mark Sandford, one of John's children, has an MDiv in counseling from Denver Theological Seminary and is spiritual director of Elijah House. He ministers to individuals and couples in all areas of inner healing and deliverance and teaches at Elijah House schools and...

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