Living in the Reality of God’s Love

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It's time to discover the truth about yourself.

It's time to get honest with God and live like his love for you is real--because it is! Deeper shows you how to live four core truths from Psalm 139: God knows me, he protects me, he made me, and he values me. Though you may "know" these truths in your head, this book guides you to make them a reality in your heart. If you're ready to stop striving for perfection and start living for real, it's time to go Deeper.


"Oh, may the Spirit of God place these life-changing truths deep in your heart. The words hidden in theses pages will lift your walk in Christ to new levels of joy and peace! Fresh truths from the Word of God appear on every page."--Glenna Salsbury, speaker; author, The Art of the Fresh Start

"At the core of our being we long for a relationship with God that transforms surface faith into an intimate love relationship. With personal transparency, poignant biblical truth, and road-tested application, Debbie Alsdorf has given us the tools we need to go deeper with God. The reflections at the end of each chapter make this book an ideal resource for personal study and for small group interaction. I highly recommend it!"--Carol Kent, speaker; author, A New Kind of Normal

"Women need the truth. Lots of us believe we don't measure up and we must perform in order to be accepted. In Deeper, Debbie Alsdorf takes the reader on an honest and life-changing journey through four core truths found in Psalm 139. When a woman embraces these truths, she is set free! Deeper helps women understand God's love and involvement in every detail of life. Debbie embraced this depth of love and now beautifully teaches truth that changes a woman forever."
Jennifer Rothschild, author, Lessons I Learned in the Dark and Self Talk, Soul Talk

"Are you sick of the shallow, rat race, 'Stepford-like' Christian life? Long to go deeper with God and discover 'real' relationship with Christ? Debbie Alsdorf leads us to a deeper, richer, fuller, love relationship with God. Every woman would love life more if she too went Deeper. Now every woman can because Debbie has blazed the trail to the deeper walk with God."--Pam Farrel, international speaker, relationship specialist, and author of over 25 books

"Debbie Alsdorf has given us a highly valuable "how-to" manual for going Deeper. Deeper in our faith, deeper in discovering our worth, and deeper in our capacity to see and love others as God does. Debbie is a wonderful communicator of God's hope and healing. You will be touched and encouraged by real stories of real women. Ready to go Deeper? This book is for you."--Ellie Lofaro and Kathy Trocolli, authors, Spaghetti for the Soul

The Author

  1. Debbie Alsdorf

    Debbie Alsdorf

    Debbie Alsdorf is the author of Deeper, A Different Kind of Wild, and The Faith Dare. She is founder of the popular Design4Living Conferences and speaks with Hearts at Home. She is a member of the American Association of Christian Counselors and...

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