Dallas and the Spitfire

An Old Car, an Ex-Con, and an Unlikely Friendship

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A Suburban Dad and an Ex Con Show What Discipleship Looks Like

Ted is an educated thirty-something father of two who's been going to church his whole life. Dallas is a twenty-one-year-old former cocaine addict with a prison record who has recently become a Christian. When they agree to meet regularly for "discipleship," they know that chatting once a week in a coffee shop just won't cut it. Instead, they decide to get to know each other while restoring an old Triumph Spitfire. Filled with surprises and humor, Dallas and the Spitfire tells a gripping story of two lives changed, and along the way gives readers a new model for men's ministry.

The Authors

  1. Ted Kluck

    Ted Kluck

    Ted Kluck is an award-winning author and freelance writer. He has written eight books, and his work has appeared in such places as ESPN the Magazine and Christianity Today. He's also the author of the ebook Jeremy Lin: Faith, Joy, and...

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  2. Dallas Jahncke

    Dallas Jahncke

    Dallas Jahncke attempted suicide three times as a teenager and has been in jail twice, but today he is sober, productive, and attending Bible college. He is a member of University Reformed Church in East Lansing, Michigan.

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