Cul-de-Sac Kids Collection Four

Books 19-24

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Blossom Hill Lane is the best neighborhood ever--mostly because of the kids who live there, and the fun they share. Join Abby, Jason, Dunkum, Stacy, and their friends as they learn together with the rest of the Cul-de-Sac Kids the value of friendship and faith.

Piggy Party Tired of winter, Carly Hunter decides to test the class guinea pig's skill for weather telling. When Carly's friends hear of the experiment, they join in--and bring their pets. Can trouble be far away?

The Granny Game
Abby Hunter's parents are out of town, and strict Grandma Hunter has come to stay. Then relaxed Granny Mae shows up, too. Can Abby's very opposite grannies get along?

The Mystery Mutt
Stacy Henry thinks everyone should choose a Fruit of the Spirit to work on in the new year, but Jason Birchall disagrees. Can a surprise discovery change his mind?

Big Bad Beans
Jason Birchall is saving every penny for a bike. He's storing his money in a secret place--somewhere he hides other things, too. Will Jason's perfect plan turn out to be a mistake?

The Upside-Down Day
It's Spirit Day at Blossom Hill School, and there's a new girl with a big secret. Can Abby Hunter and her class figure it out? Or will spunky Leslie Groff outsmart them?

The Midnight Mystery Dunkum Mifflin turns detective when his cousin's dog suddenly disappears into the night. What's happened to Ellen's guide dog? Can Dunkum and his friends unravel the mystery?

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  1. Beverly Lewis
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    Beverly Lewis

    Beverly Lewis (, born in the heart of Pennsylvania Dutch country, has more than 19 million books in print. Her stories have been published in 12 languages and have regularly appeared on numerous bestseller lists, including the New York...

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