Crowned with Glory

How Proclaiming the Truth of Black Dignity Has Shaped American History

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How we got here--and where we go from here

America was founded on the concept of the innate and inalienable rights of humankind. Many Christians see an echo of the imago Dei--that every human being carries the image of God--within those ideals. Yet these rights were systemically withheld from the Black and enslaved residents of this country for centuries. Through it all, Black people have proclaimed the truth of their dignity and personhood in powerful and profound ways.

Crowned with Glory explores the stories and writings of many of these men and women, both familiar and lesser known, to shine a light on what has always been there: an enormous movement of Black Americans demanding the liberty they were promised and deserved. With moving and insightful reflections on these oft-forgotten or suppressed voices, author Jasmine L. Holmes offers a hopeful and encouraging testament to the power of unrelenting cries for justice that will strike a chord with anyone looking for a robust Christian history of resistance.

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  1. Jasmine L. Holmes
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    Jasmine L. Holmes

    Jasmine L. Holmes is a passionate writer and educator who celebrates Black stories through her books, including Carved in Ebony, Mother to Son, and Crowned with Glory. As a historian and teacher, Jasmine shares her expertise with lifelong...

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