Create in Me a Heart of Wisdom

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Uncover the source of wisdom and learn how to live wisely in any situation

We all want and need wisdom, but how do we get it? When we're in a relationship with a toxic person and need boundaries, when our churches are divided by theological differences, when we don't know how to navigate unexpected struggles, knowing what the right, good, or wise thing to do is difficult. So where do we begin?

Part of a four-book Bible study series, Create in Me a Heart of Wisdom invites you to explore the path of wisdom so you can discern the way forward no matter what obstacle you face. Perfect for individuals or small groups, this six-week study will help you

· discover the wisdom that is available to you no matter what circumstance you're in
· learn how to live wisely by the help of the Holy Spirit, through your community, and with practice
· experience the beginning of a thriving life when you choose God's wisdom over human wisdom

The wisdom of God is accessible to us all, and the first step is to ask God for it. Join (in)courage and let God create in you a heart of wisdom!

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