Create in Me a Heart of Mercy

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God's Mercy Changes Everything

In our divisive and unforgiving world, we need mercy more than ever. When we extend grace toward one another despite faults, mistakes, and differences of opinion, we model the kind of longsuffering patience and love that God shows us. But how do you cultivate a merciful heart in the midst of a culture where everyone seems quick to judge and slow to forgive? Where do you begin?

Part of a four-book Bible study series, Create in Me a Heart of Mercy invites you to both receive and offer Christ's mercy, even in difficult situations and relationships. Perfect for individuals or small groups, this six-week study will help you

· discover the transformational power that mercy has in and through your life
· learn how to extend mercy to others, even in circumstances where it feels impossible or undeserved
· experience the freedom and purpose that come from multiplying mercy in a world that desperately needs it

The mercy God has shown us through Jesus is meant to flow through us to the rest of the world as a powerful witness to God's love and forgiveness. Join (in)courage and let God create in you a heart of mercy!

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