Controlling Your Anger before It Controls You

A Guide for Women

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Are you tired of feeling angry?

Many things in life can make us angry: relationships gone bad, cross words between friends, difficulties with our parents, frustration with our children. But lingering anger usually hurts the one feeling it more than anyone else.

There’s a better way. You can overcome your anger and use it positively in your life. Dr. Jantz shows you how to •accept the truth of your anger •examine where it comes from •be honest about how you use it •be open to change •be willing to forgive—even yourself •be willing to feel something besides your anger

With great compassion and honesty, Dr. Jantz can help you face your anger issues and move beyond them—for good.

The Authors

  1. Gregory L. Jantz PhD

    Gregory L. Jantz PhD

    Gregory L. Jantz, PhD, is a popular speaker and award-winning author of many books, including Healing the Scars of Emotional Abuse, Healing the Scars of Childhood Abuse, and Overcoming Anxiety, Worry, and Fear. He is the founder of The...

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  2. Ann McMurray

    Ann McMurray

    Ann McMurray has coauthored several books, including Healing the Scars of Emotional Abuse. She lives in Washington and works at The Center • A Place of Hope.

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