Comfort and Peace for Every Day

180 Readings to Restore Your Spirit

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No matter what's happening on the outside, you can experience peace on the inside

It seems each new day brings us more reason to worry, and many of us find ourselves caught in an endless cycle of bad news and anxiety about the future. But when you belong to God, your struggles and anxieties do not get the last word. God does. And you can experience the comfort and peace he promises each day as you cling to his Word.

Comfort and Peace for Every Day offers you 180 inspiring devotional readings that will help you feel God's reassurance when life gets challenging. These short, to-the-point readings illuminate God's promises and show you just how they apply to your everyday life.

The Author

  1. Carolyn Larsen
    Bennorth Images of St. Charles, IL

    Carolyn Larsen

    Carolyn Larsen is the bestselling author of more than 50 books for children and adults. She has been a speaker for women's events and classes around the world, bringing scriptural messages filled with humor and tenderness.

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