Christianity and Critical Race Theory

A Faithful and Constructive Conversation

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Critical Race Theory (CRT) has become a lightning rod in American politics and evangelical Christianity. This book offers a critical but constructive and sympathetic introduction to CRT written from a perspective rooted in Scripture and Christian theology. The authors take us beyond caricatures and misinformation to consider how CRT can be an analytical tool to help us understand persistent inequality and injustice--and to see how Christians and churches working for racial justice can engage CRT in faithful and constructive ways.

The authors explore aspects of CRT that resonate with well-trod Christian doctrine but also that challenge or are corrected by Christian theology. They also address the controversial connection that critics see between CRT and Marxism. Their aim is to offer objective analysis and critique that go beyond the debates about social identity and the culture wars and aid those who are engaging the issues in Christian life and ministry. Reflection/discussion questions, exercises, a glossary of key CRT terms, and suggested readings make the book helpful for students or small groups.

Introduction: CRT in Christianity
1. Creation: Community Cultural Wealth and the Glory and Honor of the Nations
2. Fall: Sin and Racism--the Ordinary Businesses of Society
3. Redemption: CRT in Institutions
4. Consummation: The Beloved Community

The Authors

  1. Robert Chao Romero

    Robert Chao Romero

    Robert Chao Romero (PhD, UCLA; JD, UC Berkeley) is associate professor in the UCLA Departments of Chicana/o, Central American, and Asian American Studies in Los Angeles, California; director of the Brown Church Initiative at Fuller Theological Seminary; and an...

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  2. Jeff M. Liou

    Jeff M. Liou

    Jeff M. Liou (PhD, Fuller Theological Seminary) is national director of theological formation for InterVarsity Christian Fellowship/USA and adjunct assistant professor of Christian ethics at Fuller Theological Seminary in Pasadena, California. He...

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