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Christian Education

A Guide to the Foundations of Ministry

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This introductory textbook solidly situates Christian education in the church and ministry context of the 21st century. With over 20 years of ministry, teaching, and leadership experience, Freddy Cardoza is uniquely qualified to bring together a wide range of Christian educators. This volume features the expertise of 25 evangelical scholars of Christian education, including diverse, next-generation voices in the field. It provides balanced biblical-theological and practical perspectives for church and parachurch leaders, equipping them to meet the ever-changing needs of our world. Additional resources for professors and students are available through Textbook eSources.


Introduction Freddy Cardoza
Part 1: Educational Foundations
1. Biblical-Theological Foundations of Christian Education Octavio Javier Esqueda
2. Historical Foundations of Christian Education Kevin E. Lawson
3. Philosophy of Christian Education David P. Setran
4. Personal Foundations of Christian Education Jonathan H. Kim
5. Practical Foundations of Christian Education Paul G. Kelly
Part 2: Educational Theory
6. Learning Theory William R. Yount
7. Educational Taxonomies, Part 1: Analysis and Design in Teaching and Learning Megan G. Brown and Shelly Cunningham
8. Educational Taxonomies, Part 2: Development, Implementation, and Evaluation in Teaching and Learning Megan G. Brown and Shelly Cunningham
9. Educational Methodology Ken Coley
10. Transformational Teaching Gregory C. Carlson
Part 3: Educational Administration
11. Organizational Administration James Riley Estep Jr.
12. Discipleship Jason M. Lanker
13. Mobilizing Volunteers Keith R. Krispin Jr.
14. Digital Learning in Christian Education James T. Flynn
15. Executive Leadership Jane Carr
Part 4: Educational Ministries
16. Family Ministry Holly Catterton Allen
17. Ministry with Children Leon M. Blanchette Jr.
18. Ministry with Youth David Odom
19. Emerging Adult Ministry Chris Kiesling
20. Adult Ministry Randall L. Stone
Part 5: Educational Specializations 
21. Christian Spiritual Formation Mark A. Maddix
22. Ministering in Specialized Settings Cheryl Fawcett
23. Parachurch Christian Formation Jim Dekker
24. Christian Schooling Karen Lynn Estep
25. Christian Higher Education John David Trentham


"Freddy Cardoza has assembled an exemplary team of educators and theologians to compile this text. Each of these authors are subject-matter experts in their fields, and their corresponding chapters represent some of the most cutting-edge research paired with real-life ministry application. I have no doubt that it will become a classic in the field and serve to guide the ministry efforts of countless church and parachurch professionals in the decades to come. I applaud this tome and highly recommend it to anyone in the field of Christian education and spiritual formation."

Michael J. Anthony, research professor of Christian education, Talbot School of Theology

"Christian Education: A Guide to the Foundations of Ministry is an interesting and worthwhile contribution to Christian education. Compiled and edited by Freddy Cardoza, the book covers the whole field of evangelical Christian education, beginning with educational foundations and continuing through theory, administration, ministries, and specializations. Cardoza, who served as executive administrator of the Society of Professors in Christian Education (SPCE), has been able to convene a cadre of some of the finest minds today to share their expertise and research. The reader will find that this textbook has a satisfying balance of both the theoretical and the practical. It is filled with an abundance of theory and foundation to satisfy the academic purposes of colleges and seminaries, yet it contains practical handles for those who are looking for fresh ideas to employ in the teaching-learning world."

Wesley Black, professor of student ministry, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary (retired); minister to legacy and senior adults, Travis Avenue Baptist Church, Fort Worth, Texas

"Like every generation before us, we must pass on our knowledge to the next generation of Christian leaders. I strongly recommend this book to future Christian educators who want a fresh approach for engaging a generation living in a world more technologically advanced, socially aware, and spiritually divided. The various sections were well written--theologically and practically--and will be helpful for educators, students, and church leaders."

Kevin Nguyen, pastor of leadership and multiplication, Mariners Church, Irvine, California; Christian studies professor, California Baptist University, Crown College, and Biola University

The Author

  1. Freddy Cardoza
    Andrew Palladino, Grace College & Seminary

    Freddy Cardoza

    Freddy Cardoza (PhD, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary) is dean of Grace Theological Seminary and dean of the School of Ministry Studies at Grace College in Winona Lake, Indiana, where he also serves as professor of Christian ministry and leadership. He...

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