Christian China and the Light of the World

Miraculous Stories from China's Great Awakening

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The Light Shines in the Darkness

There is more to China's story than its rise as a global economic power. The Holy Spirit has birthed a vibrant, rapidly growing house church movement in China's cities. For years, Christians in the West have heard rumors of house churches in the rural countryside with believers numbering in the tens of millions. Now the underground movement has emerged among China's upwardly mobile, globally connected urbanites--and there will be no turning back! In Christian China and the Light of the World, you'll meet believers serving God's people in the People's Republic of China. Learn about the political, social and economic pressures faced by the urban Chinese church, and find out how you can pray for and support your sisters and brothers in Christ who are following Him no matter the cost. Their true stories of the Holy Spirit's miraculous move across the most populous nation on earth will thrill and inspire you . . . and lead you to worship the Light that darkness cannot overcome.


Wang offers insights into the challenges and struggles of China's urban Christians and suggests lessons that their experiences may provide for the worldwide body of Christ. This book is both informative and brilliantly relevant.

David Aikman, author of Jesus in Beijing and former TIME magazine correspondent

I know of no greater apostle and mentor to China's urban church than David. . . . As you read this book you will experience a firsthand report of what God is doing in this new day of openness in the People's Republic of China. If you are wanting to understand how modern missions can best impact the future of China's church, you need to read this book.

Jon Davis, lead pastor, Beijing International Christian Fellowship

We live in an exciting new season. The center of gravity of world Christianity, which began in Jerusalem and through the centuries reached North America, has now shifted to the Asian Pacific Rim. China is the dominant nation there and China is destined to assume leadership for the Christian movement for the foreseeable future. This is a book that will enlighten your mind and warm your heart. As you read it, you will fall in love with China and you will begin to move into God's new stream for the future.

C. Peter Wagner, vice president, Global Spheres, Inc.

A veteran missionary and researcher of church growth, Dr. David Wang has served us with another well-written book in Christian China and the Light of the World. His succinct descriptions provide us with inspiring pictures of the joy, glory, pain and grief among the urban church members in China. It is indeed a book to be read by anyone who is interested in China, her church and her people!

Rev. Thomas Wang, former general secretary, Chinese Coordination, Centre of World Evangelism; founder, Great Commission Center International

The Authors

  1. David Wang

    David Wang

    Rev. Dr. David Wang is founder and general director of Hosanna Foundation and president emeritus of Asian Outreach. After 47 years as a missionary, David is one of the foremost experts on the Church in the People's Republic of China and is a much sought-after...

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  2. Georgina Sam

    Georgina Sam

    Georgina Sam was born and raised in Canada to Chinese immigrants. She currently lives in Hong Kong. In addition to Christian China and the Light of the World, Georgina is the coauthor of Still Red and Generations. Her writing has also been...

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