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Christian Apologetics, 2nd Edition

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"Provides the reader with a fundamentally sound overall approach to Christian apologetics. . . . It will be a valuable addition to any student's library."--Michael Hill, Reformed Theological Review

World-famous apologist Norman Geisler offers a new edition of his bestselling apologetics text, which has sold consistently for over thirty years (over 125,000 copies sold). This edition has been updated throughout and includes three new chapters. It offers readers a systematic approach that presents both the reasons and the methods for defending the claims of Christianity. Topics covered include deism, theism, Christ's authority, and the inspiration of the Bible.

Part 1: Methodology
1. Agnosticism
2. Rationalism
3. Fideism
4. Experientialism
5. Evidentialism
6. Pragmatism
7. Combinationalism
8. Formulating an Adequate Test for Truth
Part 2: Theistic Apologetics
9. Deism
10. Finite Godism
11. Pantheism
12. Panentheism
13. Polytheism
14. Atheism
15. Theism
Part 3: Christian Apologetics

16. Naturalism and the Supernatural
17. Objectivism and History
18. The Historical Reliability of the New Testament
19. The Claim for the Deity and Authority of Jesus Christ
20. The Evidence for the Deity and Authority of Jesus Christ
21. The Inspiration and Authority of the Bible

The Author

  1. Norman L. Geisler

    Norman L. Geisler

    Norman L. Geisler (1932-2019) taught at top evangelical colleges and seminaries for over fifty years and was distinguished professor of apologetics and theology at Veritas Evangelical Seminary in Murrieta, California. He wrote nearly eighty books, including...

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Praise for the First Edition

"Geisler is extremely erudite, possessing an astonishing wealth of scholarly knowledge, and displays a remarkable gift of superb organization and clear analysis in laying out his material. . . . I consider Christian Apologetics the best textbook we have on behalf of conservative evangelical Christianity."

Clark H. Pinnock,

Christian Scholar's Review

"Destined to be a major textbook for evangelicals in apologetics. . . . [It will] help a generation of readers and students faced with a tough-minded humanism to give a cogent and careful defense of the faith."

F. R. Howe,

Bibliotheca Sacra

"Provides the reader with a fundamentally sound overall approach to Christian apologetics. . . . It will be a valuable addition to any student's library."

Michael Hill,

Reformed Theological Review

"At a time when the Christian church faces an ever-increasing challenge from a secular and pluralistic culture, Dr. Geisler's Christian Apologetics provides a substantive resource for answering the challenge. . . . Christian Apologetics should find a place in the library of all college and seminary students by default. In addition, all others interested in probing the causes and effects of these isms will find the book a challenge but also greatly rewarding."

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