Caring for Creation

The Evangelical's Guide to Climate Change and a Healthy Environment

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"Engaging, informative (sometimes shocking), practical, and deeply spiritual, this book will equip us for action."--DR. JOEL C. HUNTER, senior pastor of Northland, A Church Distributed

Forget the confusing doom and gloom talk about climate change. You want to know the truth about what's happening, how it could affect your family and the world, and more important, if there are realistic ways to do something about it--even better, solutions that reflect your beliefs.

Connecting the dots between science and faith, pastor and influential evangelical leader Mitch Hescox and veteran meteorologist Paul Douglas show how Christians can take the lead in caring for God's creation. Tackling both personal and global issues, these trusted authors share ways to protect our families, as well as which action steps will help us wisely steward the resources God has given us.

This hopeful book offers a much-needed conservative, evangelical approach to a better way forward--one that improves our health, cleans up our communities, and leaves our kids a better world.


"In Caring for Creation, Mitch Hescox and Paul Douglas present compelling evidence, grapple with indispensable theology, and propose crucial solutions regarding one of the most urgent crises of our day. As people of faith, we can lead a global conversation toward action--action that will save millions of lives and bear witness to a creative and loving God who cares about all people."

Stephan Bauman, former president, World Relief

"Evangelicals defend our belief that God created the world, yet we sometimes fail to conserve it. Caring for Creation presents a compelling case for a clean energy revolution that will protect future generations from the ravages of climate change. A must-read for any Christian seeking to be consistently pro-life."

Galen Carey, vice president of government relations, National Association of Evangelicals

"This is a fabulous read! Engaging, informative (sometimes shocking), practical, and deeply spiritual, this book will equip us for action."

Dr. Joel C. Hunter, senior pastor, Northland, A Church Distributed

"It was characteristic of biblical prophets that they sounded clear warnings about the realities of the present and impending consequences. But they also called for radical, practical change and they never lost the anchor of hope in God. This book is prophetic for our generation in all three ways: realism, practicality, and biblical hope."

Rev. Dr. Chris Wright, author, The Mission of God; international ministries director, Langham Partnership

"The cross is much more powerful than any of us can imagine. There God reconciled to himself all things, restoring us and creation itself to a right relationship with him. Mitch Hescox and Paul Douglas write of this marvelous purchase and the amazing role God has given us to tend the bit of Eden that's left. I know from wonderful times spent with both of them that their words reflect their hearts and their life's work. The calling they describe here is a calling worth fulfillment."

Bob Inglis, former U.S. Representative, South Carolina; director, Energy and Enterprise Initiative

"Caring for Creation can be a catalyst in bringing about conversations from all sides of the Creation Care debate. It presents the scientific data in terms that are easily understood, coupled with real-life stories of the results of climate change. This is a call to the church. Include it in your discipleship journey, not just for information but for action."

Jo Anne Lyon, general superintendent emerita, The Wesleyan Church

The Authors

  1. Mitch Hescox

    Mitch Hescox

    Mitch Hescox leads the Evangelical Environmental Network (EEN), the largest evangelical group dedicated to creation care ( He has testified before Congress, spoken at the White House, and is quoted frequently in national press. Prior to...

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  2. Paul Douglas

    Paul Douglas

    Paul Douglas ( is a respected meteorologist with 35 years of TV and radio experience. A successful entrepreneur, he speaks to community groups and corporations about severe weather and climate trends, and appears regularly on...

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