Breaking Anxiety's Grip

How to Reclaim the Peace God Promises

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Discover true peace in an age of anxiety

No question, we have a lot to worry about. Children, jobs, homes, health, finances, and more. The solution isn't to rid ourselves of the sources of anxiety--as if we could. Instead, we need to recognize that anxiety originates from a spiritual influence and that we can fight back using the God-given weapons of power, love, and a sound mind.

Sharing her own story of emerging from the battle with anxiety as well as the stories of others, Dr. Michelle Bengtson reminds you of your identity as a follower of Christ and of the peace he promises you in spite of everything. She provides tools to cope with the crushing emotional burden of anxiety now and, more importantly, shows you how to reclaim God's peace as a way of life so that you can break anxiety's grip.

"Breaking Anxiety's Grip will encourage and equip you to defeat fear and experience more victory."--Holley Gerth, bestselling author of What Your Heart Needs for the Hard Days

"This book is truly a road map toward peace."--Jeff Angelo, talk show host, Newsradio 1040 WHO, iHeartMedia


"As a woman who has fought anxiety most of her life, I've come to believe if you're in a battle, it's not a reason for guilt or shame. It simply means you're a warrior. I've also learned having the right weapons helps me win. Breaking Anxiety's Grip will encourage and equip you to defeat fear and experience more victory."

Holley Gerth, bestselling author of What Your Heart Needs for the Hard Days

"My listeners love to hear from Dr. Bengtson because she expresses empathy and understanding and provides practical and specific solutions to the daily anxieties that can plague us. This book not only turns our focus back to the Bible but applies its timeless wisdom to our lives in a very real and pragmatic way; it is truly a road map toward peace."

Jeff Angelo, talk show host, Newsradio 1040 WHO, iHeartMedia

"Life is hard. At times, worry and fear seem the only logical response. But there is a peace that passes understanding available if we'll just reach out and take it. In Breaking Anxiety's Grip, Dr. Michelle Bengtson offers expert advice that's both practical and biblical, helping us navigate life's difficulties as we tap into the promises of God."

Joanna Weaver, author of Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World

"If you've ever been strangled by anxiety, if you've awakened at night in a panic, if worry has become your constant, frustrating companion, then find the hope, instruction, and wisdom you need in the pages of Breaking Anxiety's Grip by Dr. Michelle Bengtson. As a therapist, she brings astute counsel. As someone who has endured many stressors, she brings the wisdom that comes from endurance. And as a fellow struggler, she brings empathy. In these pages, you will find help and hope."

Mary DeMuth, author of Healing Every Day: A 90-Day Devotional Journey

"If you are looking to eradicate the power that anxiety has over your life, you might consider a good counselor. Or you might look for someone who's been through what you're facing now. Perhaps you'd seek out a trusted friend. What if I told you that you could have all three? That's what you get in Breaking Anxiety's Grip. Dr. Michelle Bengtson is all of that--and more."

Jennifer Dukes Lee, author of It's All Under Control and The Happiness Dare

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  1. Dr. Michelle Bengtson
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    Dr. Michelle Bengtson

    Dr. Michelle Bengtson is an international speaker, a national and international media resource on mental health, and the bestselling, award-winning author of Hope Prevails, the Hope Prevails Bible Study, Today Is Going to Be a Good Day,...

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