Break Up with What Broke You

How God Redeems and Rewrites Your Story

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How to Ditch Shame and Move on to More

Shame. The very word makes us pull back and look for somewhere to hide. Shame constantly reminds us of our past failures and whispers in our ears that the future will be no different. Because it wants us to believe that we're no different. It's a lie, but when we're tethered to past mistakes, it can be hard to tell the lies of the enemy from the truth of God.

The truth is, Christ wants to give you a new heart, a new name, and a new identity. He can render shame powerless in your life, mind, and spirit. Just as you would with a bad ex-boyfriend, it's time for you to make a clean break with the past so that you can live fully in God's promises.

With great compassion, Christian Bevere shows you how to silence shame in your life. She offers practical ways to overcome regret, insecurity, and the lies you've believed about yourself so you can develop a positive, godly self-image and move into your future with confidence. No matter left you feeling broken, God wants to repurpose, redeem, and restore your story. With Christian's help, your new story can start today.


"Christian brings a raw, vulnerable gift to the women of her generation, and that's the unyielding truth of the only source of unshakable power and confidence--our heavenly Father and the work done for us by Jesus Christ. This call is a challenge I pray we're all brave enough to accept, rejecting the lies the world tells us, finding our wholeness through the grace of God alone, and embracing the life-giving message that we are enough because we are His. Christian is not only my family, but she is also a friend and author I admire and adore. Her authenticity is refreshing and relatable and will no doubt change the hearts and perspectives of all readers."

Madison Prewett Troutt, bestselling author and TV personality

"Many years ago, a woman who was older and much wiser than me encouraged me to let my past be my teacher and my future be my friend. Decades later her insight still rings true. Far too many people are so trapped in the wounds and disappointments of their past that they can't seem to find their path forward. Break Up with What Broke You is woven with stories and practical ways to glean the lessons, redeem the mistakes, and leave behind the shame. I love how my beautiful and brave daughter-in-love, Christian Bevere, has crafted a message that invites young women to journey forward."

Lisa Bevere, New York Times bestselling author of Without Rival

"Christian's words speak to the heart with keen understanding and powerful depth. These pages are full of encouragement for any woman who believes God has called her to more than what she's left in her past."

Rebekah Lyons, author of Rhythms of Renewal

"I am pleased Christian is exposing the enemy of shame, the quiet monster holding so many captive. This hidden foe removes our hope--the oxygen of our souls, without which we lose all motivation to live with purpose. Jesus came to deliver us from shame, and when we understand what He did for us, the tethers of condemnation are severed. This book will shed insight into the freedom He provides. I have the privilege of being lovely Christian's father-in-law and have come to know her as a woman of virtue and noble character. She has a story to tell, and I believe in hearing her story, many will be led to freedom."

John Bevere, bestselling author and minister; cofounder of Messenger International

"Through vulnerable testimony and practical advice, Christian shows how you we break up with what's kept us chained to our past. Her writing is a powerful tool for silencing the lies of shame and live in the freedom God has provided for us."

Alex Seeley, lead pastor of The Belonging Co; author of Tailor Made

"As a relationship consultant, I've seen the detriment that living under shame can bring. For those you who believe that your past defines your future, Christian Bevere's message of redemption and hope is the book you've been waiting for! It's a must-read!"

Dr. Morgan Cutlip, author and psychotherapist

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    Christian Bevere

    Christian Bevere is passionate about seeing women of all ages and backgrounds find their identity in Christ. She shares powerful truth and practical applications through writing, the Sons & Daughters ministry, online teaching, and in-person events. Wife to...

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