Braving Change

Release the Past, Welcome Growth, and Trust Where God Is Leading You

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"Change is hard. It can make us feel that life is out of control. In this powerful new book, my friend Andi Andrew walks us through the shifting seasons of life recognizing the hand of God even in the hardest moments. We are not alone, and we are loved."--Sheila Walsh, author and TV host


Change in our lives is inevitable whether it is a change we desire, like a new job, having a baby or moving to a new city, or one thrust upon us, like the loss of a loved one, a difficult change in a relationship, or the death of a dream. Either way, we get to choose who we become as a result of these changes in our lives. Change and transition can be a powerful teacher, shaping and molding us more into the likeness of Christ as we let it do its work.

Combining biblical wisdom with inspiring personal stories, Braving Change helps you

· recognize the transition you are in
· recover from loss
· reclaim your power to make healthy choices
· rebuild after change

Each chapter includes reflection questions and a guided prayer to help you dig deep and navigate the change you're experiencing so that you can make wise, informed, biblical decisions as you move through it one step at a time.


"Change is hard. It can make us feel that life is out of control. In this powerful new book, my friend Andi Andrew walks us through the shifting seasons of life recognizing the hand of God even in the hardest moments. We are not alone, and we are loved."

Sheila Walsh, author and TV host

"Andi guides us to move toward acceptance and healing when we have underestimated the bravery it takes to deal with change--especially when we don't realize we need it or understand the why behind it, or when we underestimate the impact of it on our lives. Andi reminds us that the peace, joy, and contentment promised us through our faith in Jesus Christ is possible. We are sure to see what we may not have seen before through new lenses as Andi gives us a brilliant look into facing transition in new way."

Jimmy and Irene Rollins, authors, pastors, and founders of TWO=ONE marriage ministry

"Change comes into our lives whether we are ready or not. That's probably why people don't like it very much. But as our friend Andi reminds us, God wants us to thrive in the midst of change. Reading this book is like having a conversation with Andi, which is one of our favorite things. Don't miss it!"

Pastors Josh and Lisa Surratt, Seacoast Church

"In her new book, Braving Change, Andi vulnerably walks us through how beautiful change can be in our lives. She faces down the lie that change is all bad and instead shows us that we get to choose how we respond and who we become. As someone who has faced a lot of painful change, I found a lot of comfort and 'me too' moments while reading Braving Change. Through Andi's mixture of personal stories, reflections, and focused prayers, this book is a powerful tool for anyone who is journeying through change in their life!"

Jeni Baker, co-global executive director of Celebrate Recovery

"Braving Change by Andi Andrew is the book we all need as we navigate constant change, both expected and unexpected. This transformative guide explores the art of embracing and growing through change without feeling untethered. Andi's personal stories and profound wisdom will encourage you to welcome growth and trust the Lord through change, even when it doesn't make sense. This is a must-read for anyone seeking to find strength, resilience, and purpose amid life's ever-changing seasons."

Mike and Julie Signorelli, founders of V1 Church

"Change inside of us and around us is inevitable. This book offers wisdom and handlebars for how to bravely navigate our changing world by holding on to Christ, our Unchanging Rock Eternal. Andi provides practical steps that help you not only rise above the challenges but grow through them."

Meshali Mitchell, photographer, entrepreneur, podcast host

"Andi is a trusted voice in my life because I know she practices the truth she writes and speaks. Braving Change is no exception. Wanted or unwanted, change is a part of the human experience. But change does come with an invitation to allow it to shape our hearts, mold our thinking, and usher us closer to the heart of God. If you're ready to receive that invitation, I can't think of a better resource than Braving Change or a better guide than Andi Andrew to lead you through your journey."

Nicole Zasowski, marriage and family therapist and author of What If It's Wonderful?

"Job promotions, a new love interest, or the birth of a miracle baby . . . some change is welcomed with open arms. But what do we do when change comes to us like a wildfire, burning away everything in its path, leaving us with the broken rubble of a dream in our hands? Andi Andrew's new book, Braving Change, will not only help you release control in transition but also give you the courage to trust that God is in fact working together all things for your good (even when it feels like the opposite). I have watched Andi celebrate victories with a wild dance party and in other seasons lay down unfulfilled promises at the feet of Jesus with faith, tear-stained cheeks, and trembling hands. I pray that as you read these pages you can confidently know that your story is going to look beautifully different, and Andi's words will help you find the strength you didn't know you had."

Jessi Green, revivalist, director of Saturate Global, author of Wildfires and Saturate

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    Andi Andrew is the host of the Coffee with Andi podcast and the author of four books, including She Is Free, Fake or Follower, and Friendship--It's Complicated. Andi is a heartfelt preacher who loves to see the reality of the gospel...

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