The Story of Ahinoam

series: King David's Brides

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"The Old Testament stories of David come to vibrant life in Brave. . . . Wonderful!"--Angela Hunt, Christy Award-winning author of The Emissaries

In the tumultuous world of ancient Israel, Ahinoam--a dagger-wielding Kenite woman--flees her family farm with her unconventional father to join the ragtag band of misfits led by the shepherd-turned-warrior David ben Jesse. As King Saul's treasonous accusations echo through the land, Ahinoam's conviction that David's anointing makes him Yahweh's chosen king propels her on a perilous journey to Moab and back into Judah's unforgiving wilderness, only to encounter more hardship and betrayal.

Amid the challenges, Ahinoam forges an unexpected bond with David's sister and gains respect among David's army through her knowledge of Kenite metalworking. Though some offer friendship, Ahinoam, scarred by past relationships, isolates to avoid more pain and refuses to acknowledge her growing feelings for the renegade king. As Ahinoam's heart grapples for footing, King Saul's army closes in, and Ahinoam must confront the true meaning of love, loyalty, and courage. Is she brave enough to trust new friends and love Israel's next king?


"The Old Testament stories of David come to vibrant life in Brave: The Story of Ahinoam. Mesu Andrews's depiction of the courageous woman who became David's wife shows us that God has a purpose for everyone, no matter how unconventional our past. Wonderful!"

Angela Hunt, Christy Award-winning author of The Emissaries

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  1. Mesu Andrews
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    Mesu Andrews

    Mesu Andrews ( is a Christy Award-winning, bestselling author of biblical novels and devotional studies, whose deep understanding of and love for God's Word brings the Bible alive for readers. Her heritage as a "spiritual mutt" has...

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