Body of Proof

The 7 Best Reasons to Believe in the Resurrection of Jesus—and Why It Matters Today

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Culture is doing its best to convince the world there is nothing special about Jesus. Compounding this is the failure of most churches to grow their followers' faith beyond a Sunday school understanding. As a result, the most important historical fact of the Christian faith is often the most misunderstood, relegated to Easter and funeral pep talks: the resurrection. And it's creating a powerless Christianity.

Dr. Jeremiah Johnston, an acclaimed apologist and scholar, sets out to prove why Christ's victory over death is central to a believer's faith. Straightforward, accessible, and practical, this book examines the latest archaeological and textual findings and presents seven tangible, fresh proofs that Jesus really rose from the dead--and why it matters today. When you fully understand the implications of the resurrection, you will begin to understand the power of Christ in you. And it changes everything.

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  1. Jeremiah J. Johnston
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    Jeremiah J. Johnston

    Jeremiah J. Johnston, PhD, Middlesex/Oxford, ( is an acclaimed apologist and New Testament scholar. As president of Christian Thinkers Society, Jeremiah is passionate about resourcing believers to give intellectually informed reasons...

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