Bittersweet Bliss

A Novel

series: Saskatchewan Saga

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Two pioneer women, as different as can be. Two secrets skillfully buried, but not forgotten. Two journeys to embrace Bittersweet Bliss.

§ Ellie Bonney: To her fellow townsfolk, Ellie seems to lead a contented and productive life, keeping house for her father. She is a devoted daughter, loyal friend, and-for the last nine years-steady companion to her patient suitor, Tom. But beneath the surface, Ellie's spirit seethes with an unresolved memory, a secret she wrestles with day and night. Even in the face of logic and the love of her family and friends, Ellie can't shake the guilt that grips her.

§ Birdie Wharton: Birdie has secrets of her own, having fled to the Saskatchewan bush from a painful past. Her students at Bliss's one-room schoolhouse think Miss Wharton is prim and predictable, but in truth, the reserved Birdie longs for love. When a secret admirer begins to send her letters, intrigue sparks Birdie's humdrum life. But just as tiny shoots of joy start to grow in the ashes of her past, Birdie's well-tended secret is unearthed.

Can this faithful daughter and this new schoolmarm learn to embrace both the sweetness and the pain of life on the Canadian frontier?

The Author

  1. Ruth Glover

    Ruth Glover

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