Biblical Healing and Deliverance, Repackaged Edition

A Guide to Experiencing Freedom from Sins of the Past, Destructive Beliefs, Emotional and Spiritual Pain, Curses and Oppression

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Set the stage for unhindered healing.

Rejection, depression, guilt, fear—evidence of spiritual bondage in today’s world is rampant. The hurt is real, but so is the good news!

In this groundbreaking, classic work, Chester and Betsy Kylstra show how you can trace pain and woundedness back to four foundational sources. True, lasting restoration and healing take place by dealing with these four sources together in an integrated way, instead of as separate areas. They are

· release from ancestral sins and curses

· replacement of destructive beliefs with godly ones

· healing from emotional and spiritual pain

· deliverance from demonic oppression

This well-proven manual is designed for both personal recovery and ministry to others. In it, the Kylstras provide guiding Scriptures, step-by-step processes, self-inventories, visual aids, tables and real-life stories of people being restored through this integrated, fourfold approach.

You can live free! Become who you are meant to be, and help others do the same.


I heartily recommend this book to all who would heal others or be healed themselves.

John Sandford, co-founder, Elijah House, Inc.

An outstanding, life-changing book!

Dr. Ché Ahn, senior pastor, HROCK Church; co-founder, Harvest International Ministry

This book expresses the most balanced and workable ministry in the area of biblical healing that I have ever witnessed or experienced.

Dr. Bill Hamon, founder and bishop, Christian International Ministries Network

The Kylstras' systematic teaching will restore your foundations to be truly free in Christ.

John Arnott, founding pastor, Catch the Fire

The Authors

  1. Chester Kylstra

    Chester Kylstra

    Chester and Betsy Kylstra, founders of Restoring the Foundations International, received the revelation of the integrated approach to healing in 1985. They have brought this revelation to churches, networks, businesses and the Body of Christ throughout the world....

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  2. Betsy S. Kylstra
    Olivia Jackson

    Betsy S. Kylstra

    Betsy S. Kylstra is co-founder of Restoring the Foundations International, RTF Healing House Network of ministers, and RTF International Training Center. Learn more at

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