Beyond Her Yes

Reimagining Pro-Life Ministry to Empower Women and Support Families in Overcoming Poverty

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Saying yes to life is only the beginning

Much of pro-life ministry is focused on encouraging women to say yes to life rather than terminate their pregnancies. But what happens after that decision has been made? Who will provide those mothers with the long-term support, education, and guidance that will help them out of the poverty that drove them to consider abortion in the first place?

Economics and abortion are intrinsically linked, and if pro-life ministry is to make a real difference in the lives of women and families, it must expand its perspective beyond that initial "yes" in order to address the underlying problem of generational poverty. In Beyond Her Yes, cofounder of RENEW Life Center Marisol Maldonado Rodriguez helps you understand the full impact that poverty has on women making life decisions and then shows how a comprehensive approach to pro-life ministry can make a far greater impact.

Saving the lives of the not-yet-born is just the first step. Discover how you can be part of saving entire families from a life of hardship and hard choices.

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  1. Marisol Maldonado Rodriguez
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    Marisol Maldonado Rodriguez

    Marisol Maldonado Rodriguez is the cofounder of RENEW Life Center, which seeks to pick up where pregnancy resource centers leave off in order to support women and help them overcome generational poverty. Born to a single mother and raised in generational...

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