Better Than Okay

Finding Hope and Healing After Your Marriage Ends

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Divorce is not the end of your story

Some seasons of life can seem far more difficult than one human should have to endure. For Brandi Wilson, that was the year her husband--and a megachurch pastor--walked away from her and her family. Suddenly, her church community dissolved, and her dreams and identity were shattered.

Yet God transformed this heartbreaking time into an invaluable lesson on the gift of healing.

And now, Brandi beautifully tells her courageous story of confronting grief and heartache head-on and learning how to rise from the pain. Filled with aha moments and laugh-out-loud humor, this book reminds you that your story is always evolving and that you can move forward with hope after divorce. Brandi helps you:

· rely on and find comfort in the promises of God
· begin a new journey toward healing
· find freedom in your new identity

While your life looks drastically different now, there is hope for renewed joy and redemption. Your pain doesn't get the final say. Through God's grace and healing power, you will be better than okay.

"A worthy guide on a journey you never thought you'd have to take."--HOLLY FURTICK, Elevation Church

"A fresh perspective on healing from heartbreak."--PUBLISHERS WEEKLY


"If you are at the end of your marriage or the end of your rope, my friend, Brandi Wilson is a worthy guide on a journey you never thought you'd have to take."

Holly Furtick, Elevation Church

"For the one ready to overcome, this book is for you. Brandi Wilson has written a wonderfully wise, witty, and grace-filled guidebook to healing, forgiving, and flourishing after life's setbacks. With refreshing vulnerability, freeing truths, and practical tools, these pages reveal the beauty of the redemptive power of Jesus."

Hosanna Wong, international speaker, spoken word artist, and author of You Are More Than You've Been Told

"Brandi Wilson was one of the first people to welcome my family to Nashville when we moved here thirteen years ago. Now, she's inviting you to the table, too. Come get encouraged. Come get inspired. Come discover in her authentic, beautiful story that a life that is better than okay is always available."

Jon Acuff, New York Times bestselling author of Soundtracks: The Surprising Solution to Overthinking

"An amazing thing happens while you're reading this book. At first you are walking with the author through the depths and darkness of her personal wilderness. And then somewhere along the way, you feel a shift--that the author is walking with you through your wilderness. Brandi Wilson has been there and made it through to the other side. And what she has courageously and generously done in this book is return to the wilderness--the very place where you now are--and with honesty, compassion, and wisdom, Brandi serves as your guide on the healing journey to the other side, where hope and perseverance arrive to help you discover and recover peace and joy."

Ramon Presson, PhD, licensed therapist and featured expert in the DivorceCare series; author of When Will My Life Not Suck? Authentic Hope for the Disillusioned

"It feels impossible to ever feel that you will be okay. Brandi's friendship, prayer, and words were what helped me through my darkest times. This book is everything she said that helped me get to the other side, so I know you will also be better than okay because of this book."

Jana Kramer, actress, singer, and New York Times bestselling author

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  1. Brandi Wilson

    Brandi Wilson

    Brandi Wilson is an author, coach, and speaker who has been in leadership for more than a decade at Leading and Loving It, a nonprofit created to empower women to love life and ministry. She has helped plant two churches, and she's passionate about walking...

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"A fresh perspective on healing from heartbreak."

Publishers Weekly