Authentic Relationships

Discover the Lost Art of “One Anothering”

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If you value friendship and community, Authentic Relationships will inspire you with fresh insights for meaningful interaction with others. Authors Wayne and Clay Jacobsen give practical examples of how to apply the principles of "one anothering," drawing from the rich fabric of biblical guidance and instruction.

Beginning with God's simple command to "love one another," this book shows you how to create authentic and loving relationships and communities. Authentic Relationships captures the essence of Jesus' concern and service demonstrated to his disciples and followers. It weaves a fine tapestry that will help you develop genuine friendships and reveal to others the depths of your relationship with Jesus.

In a fast-paced culture that values independence and autonomy, the principles of "one anothering" can transform your relationships and broaden your community of true friends. You'll learn new methods for opening doors to deeper friendships and meaningful interactions with strangers. If you seek to strengthen relationships with other believers, you'll learn how to be the church rather than just go to church. This book helps you avoid the pitfalls of judging others and inspires you to engage people with love, acceptance, kindness, and respect.  


"We all long for friends who understand us, who are there for us, and who are honest enough to correct us when we veer off course. The Jacobsens provide a contagious vision of such authentic relationships and point the way to creating that kind of true community." --Marshall Shelley, editor, Leadership Journal

"This mobile, lost of neighborhood, impersonal society of ours spills over into the church and robs us of one of our very greatest strengths. Wayne and Clay Jacobsen, in a 'dare-you-to-put-me-down-or-ignore-me' recapture this waning art of relationships and fellowship with careful biblical theology written with captivating simplicity and personal illustrations/stories that make the applications obvious. This book rises to the level of 'classic' in the same heart-lifting way of his earlier book, 'He Loves me...'. This book should never go out of print. Its usefulness stretches across all levels of Christian life and draws, not pushes, us to be real and loving people just as Jesus urged us. I admire his courage and the firmness of foundation in the book." --Gayle D. Erwin, Servant Quarters

"Wayne and Clay Jacobsen are dear, personal friends of mine. From college days, their lives exemplify the idea of 'one another.' Their selfless concern for others has always been uppermost. In their lives and now in their writings comes a fantastic exposition of each individual teaching of 'one another.' When Christ sat with His Twelve, His teaching was finalized in the Upper Room with that concept. May the 'Principle of Twelve' be rooted and grounded in this mighty concept: one another. Those two little words will help us evangelize the rest of the world!" --Pastor Larry Stockstill

The Authors

  1. Wayne Jacobsen

    Wayne Jacobsen

    Wayne Jacobsen lives in Oxnard, California, but travels internationally as director of Lifestream Ministries. He is a contributing editor to Leadership Journal and the author of The Naked Church, In My Father's Vineyard, and He Loves Me.

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  2. Clay Jacobsen

    Clay Jacobsen

    Clay Jacobsen, Wayne's brother, has directed The Jerry Lewis Telethon, Dr. Laura, Entertainment Tonight, and Prime Time Country. He is the author of The Lasko Interview and Circle of Seven and resides in Camarillo, California.

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