Apocalypse Rising

Chaos in the Middle East, the Fall of the West, and Other Signs of the End Times

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In the Middle East, one Christian is killed every five minutes. In the West, riots and moral relativism are corroding the hearts of nations. Across the globe, evil is ruling through violence, genocide, cruelty and destruction.

Does this reign of wickedness mean the end times are upon us?

Jesus warned His disciples that "fearful events" would cause unprecedented devastation at the end of days. In this provocative, page-turning work, bestselling author Dr. Timothy Dailey warns that the end is closer than we think. After decades of researching biblical prophecy, Dr. Dailey connects the dots between history, archaeological findings, firsthand accounts and Scripture, revealing compelling evidence that current events could be the fulfillment of biblical prophecy, including

· the cryptic, demonic forces behind ISIS and violent fanaticism in the Middle East
· how Gog and Magog of Ezekiel's prophecy have haunted human history, wreaking havoc upon great empires
· the present-day nation that is the mysterious Babylon referred to in Revelation
· movements of the Antichrist
· ominous calamities that threaten to instantaneously end life as we know it

Yet under the shadow of the apocalypse, there is hope that the ultimate calamity can be averted through spiritual revival and a return to biblical faith. It's time for us to read the real signs and take a stand.

The Author

  1. Timothy Dailey Ph.D.

    Timothy Dailey Ph.D.

    Dr. Timothy Dailey is a Christian scholar and bestselling author whose books have sold more than 300,000 copies. He holds an M.A. from Wheaton College and a Ph.D. from Marquette University. Dr. Dailey has senior-level research and writing experience with...

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