Angel Sister

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series: Rosey Corner

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It is 1936 and Kate Merritt is trying hard to keep her family together. Her father has slipped into alcoholism, her mother tries to come to grips with their dire financial situation, and her sisters seem to remain blissfully oblivious to all of it. Kate could never have imagined that a dirty, abandoned little girl named Lorena Birdsong would be just what her family needs.

In this richly textured novel, award-winning author Ann H. Gabhart reveals the power of true love, the freedom of forgiveness, and the strength to persevere through troubled times, all against the backdrop of a sultry Kentucky summer.


"What a jewel of a story. Reminded me of To Kill a Mockingbird. Like a Kentucky summer, Angel Sister starts slow and easy but by the end, roars along, leaving the reader breathless and wanting more. "--Lauraine Snelling, author of the Red River series, Daughters of Blessing, and One Perfect Day

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  1. Ann H. Gabhart
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    Ann H. Gabhart

    Ann H. Gabhart is the bestselling author of many novels, including In the Shadow of the River, When the Meadow Blooms, Along a Storied Trail, An Appalachian Summer, River to Redemption, These Healing Hills, and...

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"This book will leave you changed as it uncovers family secrets and draws you into the days following the First World War and the Great Depression. It will astound you how the characters persevere while making difficult decisions amidst heartache and their determination to make it through the toughest of hard times."

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"Angel Sister paints an inspirational portrait of forgiveness and grace in the midst of trial and hardship. . . . It reveals how forgiveness brings freedom, not so much for the one forgiven as for the one doing the forgiving. Two major strengths to Ann Gabhart's writing include her deeply textured characters and rich atmosphere. She moves the plot forward by weaving the past with the present. . . . There are many levels to this deftly written novel."

"Gabhart is one of the best Christian-oriented historical fiction authors writing today. Her characters have depth, her plots are complex, and there are no easy answers. Praying does not always work, at least not in obvious ways, and her characters struggle with their faith the way any sane person would when confronted with war, alcoholism, abuse, and abandonment. Angel Sister is the beautiful, sometimes difficult, story of a family using love, faith, and forgiveness to hold itself together."

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