An Illustrated Guide to the Apostle Paul

His Life, Ministry, and Missionary Journeys

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Everything you ever wanted to know about the greatest Christian missionary

The life and ministry of the apostle Paul were a sprawling adventure spanning thousands of miles across Roman roads and treacherous seas as he boldly proclaimed the gospel of Jesus to anyone who would listen, be they commoners or kings. His impact on the church--and indeed on Western civilization--is immeasurable.

From his birth in Tarsus to his rabbinic training in Jerusalem to his final imprisonment in Rome, An Illustrated Guide to the Apostle Paul brings his remarkable story to life. Drawing from the book of Acts and Paul's many letters, as well as historical and archaeological sources, this fully illustrated book explores the social, cultural, political, and religious background of the first-century Roman world in which Paul lived and ministered. It sheds light on the places he visited and the people he met along the way. Most importantly, it helps us understand how and why God used Paul in such extraordinary ways.

Breathe new life into your Bible study, your preaching, and your teaching with this indispensable and inspirational book.

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  1. Alan S. Bandy

    Alan S. Bandy

    Alan S. Bandy (MDiv, Mid-America Seminary; PhD, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary) is professor of New Testament and Greek at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary, where he occupies the Robert Hamblin Chair of New Testament Exposition. He married...

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