All the Tea in China

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The good young Englishwoman knows that her destiny depends upon a good marriage match. But Isabella Goodrich is not your typical good young Englishwoman. After an encounter with those less fortunate than she, witty and fun-loving Isabella makes a shocking decision. Against everyone's advice and wishes, she is going to become a missionary in the Far East.

Fighting against cultural expectations, common sense, and a mentor who is not as he seems, Isabella leaves her predictable Oxford life behind and sets sail to a new world fraught with danger. Can she trust the mysterious missionary Phineas Snowe? Or will her adventure end before it even begins? This first novel in the Rollicking Regency series will delight readers who like high adventure, twisting plots, and a fun bit of romance.


"I was grinning by the end of the first sentence. What a delight to travel from Oxford to the Orient with headstrong Isabella Goodrich! A well-educated Englishwoman with more than a teaspoonful of courage, Isabella has her heart set on China, even as a certain gentleman fixes his eye on her. Solid research and sprightly pacing make for a pleasurable read. Truly good to the last drop!"--Liz Curtis Higgs, bestselling author of Whence Came a Prince

"With its rich detail and saucy characters, All the Tea in China is fun romp around Cape Horn and into China. I loved the spunk of Isabella, the mystery of Phineas, and the allure of a country so distant from our own. Hats off to Jane Orcutt for such an enjoyable read!"--Marlo Schalesky, author,
Cry Freedom

"Jane Orcutt's All the Tea in China has been well-defined as a 'rollicking Regency!' Writing with a delightful combination of verve and charm, Orcutt presents Isabella Goodrich as an intelligent, spunky, good-hearted girl who never lacks for adventure . . . or daring. I loved journeying with her from England to China, and from naiveté to maturity!"--Angela Hunt, author, Uncharted and The Elevator

"All the Tea in China is a delightful blend of adventure and fun (just watch Miss Isabella Goodrich wield that sword!) along with a fascinating look at a totally different culture. Along with a suspenseful question: will Isabella's impulsive nature bring fulfillment of her dreams--or disaster?"--Lorena McCourtney, author, the Ivy Malone Mysteries

"All The Tea In China is laugh out loud good! Jane Orcutt's delightful characters and quirky plot steep together so well, readers will beg for more."--Lois Richer, author, Apple Blossom Bride

"Jane Orcutt reveals a delightful sense of humor and fun with this exciting read. There is never a lull. I can't remember when I had so much fun learning about another culture and learning the art of compassion."--Hannah Alexander, author, Death Benefits

"Waltz right through the debut of the Rollicking Regency series with a lovable, independent heroine who commands both witty conversation and an extremely sharp sword. A delight to both senses and sensibilities."--Sandra Byrd, author, Let Them Eat Cake.

"Jane Orcutt's All the Tea in China is a tale of deftly kept and then revealed secrets and deep insights into man and God. And a rollicking unforgettable heroine. Well written and enticing."--Lyn Cote, author, Women of Ivy Manor

The Author

  1. Jane Orcutt

    Jane Orcutt

    Jane Orcutt is the author or coauthor of fifteen books, including the bestselling Porch Swings and Picket Fences. A two-time RITA award finalist, Jane was also a finalist for the Romantic Times Reviewer's Choice Award.

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