All the Good in Sports

True Stories That Go Beyond the Headlines

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Stories about athletes and coaches usually focus on their championships or their scandals. All the Good in Sports features twenty contemporary sports personalities who go beyond the headlines to candidly share how their relationship with Christ has helped them cope with a variety of difficulties, both professional and personal, and how in Christ they found victory in their personal lives. Many professing Christians in the sports world have achieved wealth and notoriety, but life's luxuries do not exempt them from life's difficulties. Name recognition and personal fortune cannot rescue one whose marriage is on the rocks, one facing substance abuse, or one facing disease or even death. The sports heroes featured in All the Good in Sports are not super human. They go through the same pendulum of emotions you and I do when life deals us a punch in the stomach. However, what they discover--or rediscover--is a God who is faithful and responsive in their time of need.

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  1. Mike Sandrolini

    Mike Sandrolini

    Mike Sandrolini has worked for more than twenty years as a professional writer, editor, reporter, and columnist with four newspapers and one magazine publishing company. He has also been involved in Christian publishing as a reporter and writer since the early...

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