All It Takes Is a Goal

The 3-Step Plan to Ditch Regret and Tap Into Your Massive Potential

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What if you could have a fulfilling career, a thriving marriage, strong friendships, and rewarding hobbies, all while being in the best shape of your life? What if every day you lived was better than the one before? What if tapping into your potential wasn't as hard as you think?

According to New York Times bestselling author Jon Acuff, it might not be. In fact, All It Takes Is a Goal. In his ninth book, he shows you how to plan goals that you're guaranteed to reach by focusing on your best moments, navigating the three zones of performance, and finding ways to fuel your passions, all while actually enjoying the ride.

Sound too good to be true? Jon thought so too. Until it happened--again and again--for him and the hundreds of real people in his research project. Whether your goals are personal, relational, or career-driven, the key to a better future is closer than you think.


"This is my new favorite book about goals! Jon Acuff has done it again!"

Mel Robbins, podcaster and New York Times bestselling author of The High Five Habit

"The best book about goals I've ever read! Jon Acuff and All It Takes Is a Goal will help you achieve your greatest potential!"

Jon Gordon, twelve-time bestselling author of The Power of Positive Leadership

"I have often said that the richest place on earth is the cemetery because so many people die with unrealized potential still in them. Maybe they were surrounded by people who didn't believe in them, or maybe they didn't even know they were capable of more. But in All It Takes Is a Goal, Jon Acuff brilliantly provides the road map to activating the potential within us. This book should be required reading for everyone with breath in their lungs."

Nona Jones, speaker, technology executive, and author of Killing Comparison

"If you know what it feels like to be stuck in a car, then you'll appreciate finding someone with a big truck to give you a tug in the right direction. My friend Jon has written another terrific book, and his is a voice I have trusted in my life for years. In these pages he won't push you around; instead, he will gently tap you on the shoulder, remind you of your goals, and pull you in the delightful direction you were headed before you became stuck, distracted, discouraged, or off course."

Bob Goff, author of the New York Times bestsellers Love Does, Everybody Always, Dream Big, and Undistracted

"Captivating, relatable, and humorous from the first page until the last, Jon opens up the door to his personal experiences with an honesty that drives readers to accurately reflect on our own lives. More than that, he walks us down an entertaining and insightful path toward a better life in a step-by-step fashion, guaranteed to work no matter what our aspirations are."

Ginny Yurich, founder of 1000 Hours Outside

"This book will help you reach your goals, but it will do more than that. It will help you take responsibility for your life. If you're looking for the inspiration and instruction you need to shape your own world, you're holding it in your hands."

Donald Miller, CEO of Business Made Simple

"MASTERFUL! This is Jon Acuff's best work. Goals are so elusive and abstract, yet Jon does a marvelous job taking the complicated and making it simple and actionable. I fully believe this book is the difference between waking up ten years from now in a pool of regret OR waking up having accomplished your goals and living the life you have always wanted to live. It is THAT powerful!"

David Nurse, bestselling author, Top 50 Keynote Speaker, and NBA Optimization Coach to over 150 NBA stars

"Twelve years ago, I read a draft of Jon Acuff's first business book. I immediately emailed him and said, 'Whatever other plans you have, reconsider them and start writing full-time. You're wasting yourself, baby!' I'm glad he took that advice to heart. If you've ever wondered if you're capable of more, consider this book the resounding 'Yes!' you've been waiting for all your life."

Steven Pressfield, New York Times bestselling author of The War of Art

"Jon has done it again: a fresh, funny, and inspiring work that will help take your results to the next level! Prepare to unlock your potential and 10X your life."

Greg McKeown, podcaster and New York Times bestselling author of Essentialism and Effortless

"Jon has the rare and wonderful gift of making you see perennial obstacles with fresh eyes. A cut above the 'usual' advice on goal setting, Jon's fresh, hyperpractical, and humorous approach will make you think thoughts you've never had before and do things you've never done before. This is the breakthrough you've been looking for."

Carey Nieuwhof, podcaster, bestselling author of At Your Best, and founder of The Art of Leadership Academy

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