Accessing the Riches of Heaven

Keys to Experiencing God’s Lavish Provision

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Heaven's abundance is spilling over to God's people!

I just want to be in heaven. . . . Sometimes it seems as if the believer's answer to earth's problems is to get "home" as quickly as possible! Throughout seasons of adversity, hardship or shortage, we content ourselves with the knowledge that peace, tranquility and abundance await us.

But did you know that God has given us access to the riches of heaven here on earth? Bestselling author Patricia King dives into Scripture and answers questions like

· Do I have to wait to experience God's goodness?
· What kinds of riches are in heaven?
· What impedes my access to this heavenly abundance?
· How can I receive my spiritual inheritance?
· Does God bestow different kinds of riches on different people?

Scripture is clear that the Father cares for the needs of His children. He has an abundant supply--and wants to share it with you here and now. Will you accept His offer?

"It is God's passion for us to live an abundant life. Patricia King does an outstanding job in revealing some critical secrets to living this life on many levels."--ROBERT HENDERSON, global apostolic leader; author, Operating in the Courts of Heaven

"A new and divinely inspired set of guidelines for believers who want to live in God's abundance."--JOAN HUNTER, healing evangelist; author, Love Again, Live Again

Patricia King is a respected apostolic leader, evangelist, author, television host, media producer and sought-after speaker who has given her life for the advancement of God's Kingdom. She is founder of Patricia King Ministries and Women in Ministries Network and co-founder of Patricia and her husband, Ron, have two adult sons and three grandchildren and live in Maricopa, Arizona.

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  1. Patricia King

    Patricia King

    Patricia King is a respected apostolic leader, dynamic evangelist, successful business owner, and inventive entrepreneur. She is an accomplished itinerant speaker, author, television host, media producer, and ministry network overseer who has given her life...

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