Abiding in His Presence

The Secret to Waging War and Bearing Fruit

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Get Ready to Reveal the Fullness of God's Glory

Do you have a passion to fulfill God's purpose in your life, yet find yourself repeating the same old patterns? Do you long to move in the power and anointing of the Holy Spirit, yet continue to hit wall after wall? Offering healthy doses of hope and help, global prophetic leaders Chuck D. Pierce and Alemu Beeftu reveal that the key to a life of purpose and power lies in the hidden path to abiding in Christ. 

Through sound biblical teaching, prophetic insight, and real-world application, they guide you through the process of walking with him and remaining in his presence, including how to

· be set apart
· pay the price of obedience
· seek His face persistently
· link godly desire to faith
· embrace your covenant relationship with God 
· overcome the deception of the enemy

In the coming days, it's vital that we, as the Body of Christ, learn to abide, making presence-driven lives our reality--and bearing the supernatural fruit this world so desperately needs.


"This is a Kingdom book. A much-needed Kingdom book. This masterful work, Abiding in His Presence, will revolutionize how you think, speak, pray, and live. Both authors are gifted students and teachers of God's Word, and their passion and teaching style dwell in every book they write.

"After reading Abiding in His Presence, you will agree that the revelation and empowerment held within these pages have the potential to wreck your life (for the good) and position you to live where you were created to live, in His Presence! Abiding in His Presence should be on the bookshelf of every leader in all walks of life. Among other things, it's a road map for empowering and releasing the next generation into purpose.

"Thank you, Alemu and Chuck, for writing this book. We will use it at Kingdom University."

Dr. Greg Hood, Th.D., president, Kingdom University; author, Rebuilding the Broken Altar: Awakening out of Chaos

"These authors' passion to see the hearts and minds of all believers filled with the revelatory understanding of the Lord drives them to write such incredible books, like this one.

"Abiding in His Presence is written as a guide to show how each and every one of us has a call to see the Lord truly manifest Himself in our lives, so we can establish our eternal relationship with Him. By learning how to walk with the Lord like Enoch, David, and many others, we can begin to understand our truest nature and how to shape our future.

"Abiding in His Presence will not only teach you how to link your godly desires to your faith, so you can rebuild and sanctify an altar to the Lord in your heart, but it will also teach you how to know Him as a friend."

Simon Lyons, director of media and presentation, Global Spheres/Glory of Zion

"I have worked with Dr. Alemu Beeftu for many years and have read all of his books. He is one of the greatest writers and teachers, especially when it comes to the heart of the matter, which is our
spiritual walk with God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. The spiritual depth and truth of his messages are encouraging, uplifting, and even challenging.

"In this collaboration with Chuck D. Pierce, Abiding in His Presence, Dr. Beeftu presents the importance of our relationship with God. You'll read, 'The Lord Jesus Christ came to dwell among us, to save us and dwell in us for everything in every day.' God has always wanted a relationship with His creation. Together, these two authors teach us in detail how our salvation (relationship) is the key to experiencing the complete and total victory Christ died to give us. The Word states that apart from Him, we can do nothing (see John 15:5). That means we need to abide in His presence.

"In this book, you'll also read many references to the men of God who completed what God called them to do because of His presence in their lives. Moses discovered the power of His presence,
and it's time for all of us, the Body of Christ, to walk in it as well. I encourage you to read this book!"

Polly Harder, author and speaker; president, R.H. Publishing

The Authors

  1. Chuck D. Pierce

    Chuck D. Pierce

    Chuck D. Pierce, a bestselling author known for his accurate prophetic gifting, is president of Glory of Zion International Ministries and Kingdom Harvest Alliance. Learn more at GloryOfZion.org.

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  2. Alemu Beeftu
    Alemu Beeftu

    Alemu Beeftu

    Alemu Beeftu, founder and president of Gospel of Glory, has traveled globally for decades, training and equipping Christian leaders to foster sustainable societal changes for the Kingdom of God. He, his wife, Genet, and their family make their home in Highland...

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