A Year of Blind Dates

A Single Girl's Search for "The One"

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Megan Carson went on her first real date at age 27. Some might call her a late bloomer. Her first real relationship lasted about three months, and though Megan did not love Chris, she was heartbroken when they broke up. She grieved the loss of the relationship, but even more she grieved the loss of who she was in the relationship. She had never met "Megan the Girlfriend," and once she did, she really liked her--and when she was gone, she wanted her back! So what did Megan do? She joined a dating service.

A Year of Blind Dates follows Megan's dating adventures in Southern California as she searches for Mr. Right, not just Mr. Right Now. As her "ideal guy" changes over time, the one thing that is never negotiable is her desire to find a man with a deep spiritual side. But can she have the "total package" without compromising her strong faith? Can Megan trust the dating service to deliver a man of God who will make her laugh and treat her well? This is the story of Megan's search for the man of her dreams, and the good, bad, and really, really bad dates along the way.

The Author

  1. Megan Carson

    Megan Carson

    Megan Carson appears to have it all as a well-educated world traveler, an accomplished teacher, and an athlete with above-average good looks. Yet she can't seem to find a quality man to share her life with. Her growing-up years were filled with sports, church...

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