A Woman's Guide to Hearing God's Voice

Finding Direction and Peace Through the Struggles of Life

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God Is Speaking Right Now. Do You Hear Him?

When someone talks about hearing God speak, do you imagine an audible voice booming from the heavens? Or a prophet proclaiming, "Thus saith the Lord..."? Does it seem like everyone else can hear God except you?

Leighann McCoy shares that although God doesn't usually speak audibly, He is always speaking--the hard part is learning how to listen to His still small voice. And it is during times of trial or heartache that the Lord most wants to communicate with you, to reassure you that He is with you and still at work in your life. Through her own experience as well as that of biblical heroes and dear friends whom she's walked alongside, she shows how God speaks and acts in the midst of difficult times.

This book will reveal
· How to hear and respond to the voice of God in your everyday life
· What to do when God's promises don't line up with your reality
· How God uses your struggles to reveal more of His power and His love

Leighann not only reassures you of the Lord's care, she challenges you to take hold of God when your faith is shaken.

Includes end-of-chapter discussion questions for personal or group use.

The Author

  1. Leighann McCoy
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    Leighann McCoy

    Leighann McCoy (www.LeighannMcCoy.com) is a sought-after speaker and author of Spiritual Warfare for Women. She is the prayer minister at a large Southern Baptist church where her husband serves as pastor. She also leads Never Fail Faith Ministries, a...

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In this heartbreaking text, McCoy shares the details of her life that threatened to undo her confidence in God. She also asks the key question, 'Where was God when...?' filling in the blank with tenacious faith-full replies. The author not only helps readers understand suffering on earth, she supplies a guidebook for traveling through difficult times with a faith that only grows stronger and stronger.

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