A Public Missiology

How Local Churches Witness to a Complex World

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How can Christians witness to the complexity of our world? Gregg Okesson shows that local congregations are the primary means of public witness in and for the world. As Christians move back and forth between their churches and their neighborhoods, workplaces, and other public spaces, they weave a thick gospel witness. This introduction to public missiology explains how local congregations can thicken their witness in the public realms where they live, work, and play. Real-life examples from around the world help readers envision approaches to public witness and social change.


Part 1
1. Why Congregational Witness?
2. What Publics? Where Publics?
3. The Missio Dei--a Thick, Public Story
4. What Is Public Missiology?
5. Thick Congregational Witness
Part 2
6. How to Study Congregations
7. Thick Doxology and Witness to Land (Africa Brotherhood Church)
8. Thick Place and Witness to Montreal (St. Jax Anglican Church, Montreal)
9. Thick Identity and Witness to All Nations (Bethel World Outreach Church, Nashville)

The Author

  1. Gregg Okesson

    Gregg Okesson

    Gregg Okesson (PhD, University of Leeds) is dean of the E. Stanley Jones School of World Mission and Evangelism at Asbury Theological Seminary in Wilmore, Kentucky, and the Ira Gallaway and D. M. Beeson Professor of Leadership Development, Mission,...

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