A Happy Trails Christmas

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The Christmas tree. The nativity. The lights. The carols.

Christmas is a wonderful time of year.

A time for seeing far-flung family members, eating delicious food, and making special memories.

What better way to celebrate than to remember a simpler time when every story had a happy ending, and the hero and his steed rode off into a perfect sunset. This Christmas, rediscover the true meaning beneath the trappings of wrapping paper and ribbon.

Let Roy Rogers and Dale Evans guide you down that happy trail to the Christmas you long to remember.

The Authors

  1. Roy Rogers

    Roy Rogers

    Roy Rogers (1911-1998) was a singer and cowboy actor, and one of the most famous entertainers of our time. He and his wife, Dale Evans, were featured in more than one hundred movies and TV shows, including The Roy Rogers Show, featuring his palomino,...

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  2. Dale Evans

    Dale Evans

    Dale Evans (1912-2001) , the wife of Roy Rogers and the mother of nine children, was a singer-songwriter, actress, speaker, and author of twenty-five books, including Revell's bestselling classic Angel Unaware. She worked tirelessly with charities for...

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