A God Named Josh

Uncovering the Human Life of Jesus Christ

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The Life of Jesus Like You've Never Imagined

Jesus asked His disciples, "Who do you say I am?" It's a question that still needs an answer today. With deft, insightful, and humorous strokes, award-winning biographer Jared Brock weaves archaeology, philosophy, history, and theology to create a portrait of Jesus we've never seen before.

This is a groundbreaking biography about the historical Jesus we don't usually think about: The child refugee. The "carpenter" who most likely worked with stone. The adult who walked at least 21,525 miles in His lifetime and yet never tasted tomatoes or potatoes. The itinerant rabbi whose real name wasn't Jesus. The political revolutionary whose brutal murder was secretly masterminded by a power-hungry mafia family.

More than a fascinating biography, A God Named Josh seeks to illuminate Jesus of Nazareth from new perspectives, grounded in history, that will surprise Christians and atheists alike.

"The same wonderful story, the same incredible Savior, the same good news... but written with such clarity that everything you thought you knew about Jesus will seem new and exciting."--STEVE BROWN, founder of Key Life and author of Laughter and Lament

"Prepare yourself: Jesus is about to become thrillingly, subversively, dangerously, gloriously interesting again."--MARK BUCHANAN, author of God Walk: Moving at the Speed of Your Soul


"A God Named Josh is a rich and compelling book, perfect for those both unfamiliar and overfamiliar with the story of Jesus."

Mark Sayers, author of Reappearing Church and A Non-Anxious Presence

"A God Named Josh is absolutely fascinating. Modern, engaging, and relevant, even for those with little or no theological background."

Jago Silver, illustrator of The Jesus Storybook Bible

"Wow! What a refreshing book! The same wonderful story, the same incredible Savior, the same good news . . . but written with such clarity that everything you thought you knew about Jesus will seem new and exciting. Read this book and give it to all your friends."

Steve Brown, founder of Key Life and author of Laughter and Lament

"Too many people set aside the fact that Jesus was not only fully God but fully human. Jared Brock sets nothing aside! You will close this book with a far greater appreciation for who Jesus was and how He still impacts our lives today."

Ken Davis, Christian comedian and author of Fully Alive

"This book feels fresh and different--it has something for those familiar with the idea of Jesus as well as those starting from zero. It will inform, challenge, and amuse those who read it; it will also invite you to come closer to its subject."

Clive Orchard, Team Leader at Ffald y Brenin Christian Retreat Center

"You know when you have a piece of art on the wall for years and then one day you actually notice it? A God Named Josh is like that, but for the life of Jesus. Even if you were raised in the church, you probably didn't learn 95 percent of what's in this book."

Dave McSporran, producer of THIS IS ME TV

"Jared's attention-grabbing biography of Jesus is accessible, thoughtful, and fun. A God Named Josh will prove greatly engaging for those who know next to nothing about Jesus, and it might surprise lifelong Christians as well."

Vicar Christopher Frost, Christian filmmaker and YouTuber

"Having worked for more than two decades in the poorest country on earth, I believe with all my heart that Jesus deeply loves the poor. In A God Named Josh, Jared Brock re-emphasizes this nearly lost theology and brings it vividly to life for the modern church."

Simon Guillebaud, author of Choose Life

"In an age of abstraction and disillusion, Jared Brock brilliantly reveals something we all desperately need: an extremely real, human, flesh-and-blood God."

Nathan Clarkson, actor and author of Good Man

"Jared Brock uses more than 1,000 Scripture references and an in-depth knowledge of historical details to deftly build a compelling case for Jesus as a revolutionary who changes our perspective on every aspect of life--political, financial, relational, philosophical, and spiritual. Reading A God Named Josh will deepen your desire to know Jesus more intimately."

Harold Albrecht, former Canadian member of Parliament

"It's like meeting Jesus for the first time, all over again! Sometimes the best way to get a fresh new look at Jesus is to go backwards, and Jared Brock invites us on a journey to meet the Jesus with skin on. The one who lived as a Jew, rowed in wooden boats, wore sandals, and slept in the outdoors. The one with real siblings and friends and enemies. The one who cried as a baby, whose voice broke as a teen, and who cried again as his heart broke over the people he loved. Reading this book, I felt like I could smell ancient Israel--and see Jesus in all of his humanity. For those of you who have known Jesus for a long time, or have yet to meet Him, I'd like to invite you to meet a God named Josh."

Sheila Wray Gregoire, author and host of the Bare Marriage podcast

"A God Named Josh is a wonderful book that shares new perspectives, insights, and practical applications drawing on the ancient Hebrew story. I loved it."

Rabbi Evan Moffic, author of What Every Christian Needs to Know about the Jewishness of Jesus

"Jared Brock has written a biography on Jesus that is historical yet relevant, funny yet honest, intelligent yet simple, and timely yet timeless. I'll be using A God Named Josh as a reference for years to come."

James Kelly, founder of FaithTech

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  1. Jared Brock
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    Jared Brock

    Jared Brock is the award-winning author of A Year of Living Prayerfully and A God Named Josh and the director of several films, including PBS's acclaimed Redeeming Uncle Tom with Danny Glover. His writing has appeared in Christianity...

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