A Delirious Summer

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series: Flabbergasted Trilogy

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To Neil Rucker, seven months, one week, and a day is too long to wait in between dates. But life as a Spanish language teacher to missionaries in Ecuador affords little opportunity for romance.

When his worst student, Jay Jarvis, suggests a respite in Greenville, South Carolina, so begins Neil's delirious summer. Neil sees his chance to meet a sweet succession of southern women, but little does he know that the girls of Greenville are now more elusive than a snowflake in the Ecuadorian jungle.

As they church-hop in search of the perfect man, Neil tries to find the perfect girl among the Neapolitan choices: a demanding redhead, a joy-riding blonde, and a very tardy but intriguing girl with raven hair and a pierced eyebrow. Who knew relational gumbo would look like this?

The Author

  1. Ray Blackston

    Ray Blackston

    Ray Blackston worked as a stock buyer and a broker for eleven years before cashing in his modest 401k and leaving his corporate cubicle to write full time. He is the author of several books and lives in South Carolina.

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"Quirky characters keep the reader interested . . . . Blackston's tongue-in-cheek humor about the lives of Christian singles will grab the attention of readers."--Publisher's Weekly

"Amusing adventures among the questing ladies . . . [who] practice serial churchgoing, 'hopscotching' from Penecostal to Methodist to Southern Baptist in search of the elusive Mr. Right."--Booklist, starred review

"Lean and breezy style. This sequel to Flabbergasted is top quality lad lit, straight from the guys' hearts to yours. The first half of the book is witty and funny, followed by a second half full of wise insight."--Romantic Times

"Blackston brings back some of the same quirky cast of characters from Flabbergasted, including larger-than-life blonde Darcy Yeager and unorthodox Alexis Demoss. Offer[s] the rarely seen perspective of the young, single Christian male trying to balance his emotional and physical needs in the dating world with his spiritual calling and growth. Recommended."--Library Journal

"Fast, funny, and quirky. . . . A deliriously good book."--ChickLitBooks.com

"Combining unforgettably quirky characters with wacky situations and lots of humor, Blackston parades for the public a tale fit to rival his first. This laugh-out-loud read is laced with spiritual insights and misadventure romance. If you've ever scanned the sanctuary for prospects, let A Delirious Summer buoy your spirits-but be prepared for the ride of your life."--ChristianBookPreviews.com

"Blackston has brought his inimitable and delightful humor back to this novel. While most of the action revolves around the Presbyterians, no denomination is left unskewered. Blackston doesn't take religious trappings too seriously, and neither do the Ladies of the Quest, Greenville's young single women trolling for potential husbands: they will attend any church so long as the single male pickings are good. Most important: these characters build community. Whether they're in a South American city, the rainforest, on a beach, or in a parish hall, they take each other as they are and find ways to love each other. What could be more Christian-no matter what denominational stripes are donned?"--FaithfulReader.com

"Takes you into the psyche of a single man. A humorous yet thought-provoking novel about dating, church-hopping, friendship, and missions, A Delirious Summer is an enjoyable romantic escape that single as well as married individuals won't want to put down."--Charisma magazine