A Day to Pick Your Own Cotton

series: Shenandoah Sisters

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Book 2 of Shenandoah Sisters. Mayme and Katie, from entirely different worlds, have been thrown together in the chaotic aftermath of the Civil War. Just teenagers, they are left to survive only by their own wits and shared experiences. Gradually, they are learning to appreciate each other's strengths and to shore up each other's weaknesses. Out of their efforts to simply stay alive comes a growing awareness of the Lord's love and care for them, as well as the dim outlines of a plan to keep Rosewood Plantation operating. The book continues the story begun in Angels Watching Over Me, of two very appealing but contrasting characters and their secret mission to provide a sanctuary for others who have been left alone and adrift by a tragic war.

The Author

  1. Michael Phillips

    Michael Phillips

    Michael Phillips is a bestselling author who has penned more than seventy books, both fiction and nonfiction. In addition, he has served as editor/redactor of nearly thirty more books. Over the past thirty years, his persistent efforts have helped reawaken...

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"After Bilsby's Marauders murdered their parents in the previous story, ANGELS WATCHING OVER ME, Katie Clairborne and Mayme Jukes found themselves clinging to one another. A DAY TO PICK YOUR OWN COTTON continues Katie and Mayme's story.
Katie is the daughter of plantation owners; Mayme is a slave girl. Now the war is over and slaves are free, but these two sixteen year olds form a pact to keep their parents' deaths secret so that the plantation remains in Katie's hands. Katie's house is slowly filling up. A second slave girl takes refuge from the master who raped her. Then a young stranger finds her way into Katie's care. It is this young stranger who could be the biggest threat to Katie and Mayme's hopes and dreams.

In this second Shenandoah Sisters book, readers return to the battles Katie and Mayme face on a daily basis. Both are determined to keep their new 'orphan' status a secret. But with debt looming and food supplies running out, it takes some quick thinking and careful planning to keep up with their plans. The post-war atmosphere is extremely well written, as are the characters. Theromancereadersconnection.com