A Day's Journey

Stories of Hope and Death-Defying Joy

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"Beautifully written and inspiringly grounded in the deepest truths, this is a book that will give strength and courage to all who are making their way through uncertain times and difficult days."--Tim Challies, author of Seasons of Sorrow

How Do You Make Each Day of Your Brief Life Count?

Tim Keesee spent years crisscrossing the globe, documenting the gospel's advance in regions of war and persecution through his writing and films. But double blows from terminal cancer diagnoses in 2019 and 2021 brought his travels to a halt.

In A Day's Journey, Tim takes up his pen to write dispatches from a smaller, more intimate world. He writes of Christian brothers and sisters who have taught him so much about a day well spent: the way they work and worship, the way they pray and sing, the way they love their neighbors and their enemies, even when beaten black and blue for the sake of Christ.

In this book you'll have the privilege to walk with Tim through days of pain and hard questions, but also days of grace, wonder, and death-defying joy. Poignant, inspiring, and beautifully written, these stories model the courage we need, the joy we have, the gospel we love, the cross we bear, and the hope we embrace until faith becomes sight.

"A Day's Journey was written for you. The stories on the following pages are compiled for the enrichment of your faith. For when it comes to hardships, we all need hope, help, and a little guidance. With every chapter, Tim provides convincing examples of how to do what is good--that is, how to endure the weightiest of afflictions with an eye to God's glory."--Joni Eareckson Tada, from the foreword


"I know Tim Keesee as a storyteller--a man who has committed much of his life to seeking, finding, and telling stories about the ways God is at work in and through His people as they labor at the frontiers of world missions. But a recent diagnosis of terminal cancer has inspired him to tell new stories--stories of his own life and stories from the lives of other people who exhibit unshakeable hope and death-defying joy. Beautifully written and inspiringly grounded in the deepest truths, this is a book that will give strength and courage to all who are making their way through uncertain times and difficult days."

Tim Challies, author of Seasons of Sorrow

"As Keesee has reported news of the gospel's advance from the frontlines, in this latest missive he describes how Jesus meets us on the frontlines of our suffering. Proverbs tells us that the sweetness of a friend comes from his earnest counsel. A Day's Journey chronicles the profoundly sweet way that Jesus uses friendship to bless and strengthen us in our deepest pain."

Gloria Furman, co-editor of Word-Filled Women's Ministry and author of Labor with Hope

"Cancer. My wife, myself, and now my daughter. Five years--three battles. Tim's battling too. With his wonderfully gifted pen, he's brought us along on the journey, filling each page with stories of fierce faith in the face of suffering. I needed this book. You do too. Take and read."

Mitch Maher, lead pastor, Redeemer Community Church in Katy, Texas; creator, presenter, Clarifying the Bible

"The first time I read something from Tim Keesee, I was captivated by his writing. I still am. Tim's worldview arrests my heart and my mind. I love his love for the Lord, and the sobriety with which he shepherds God's people and the Father's relentless truth. You may be tempted to sample this book as you would the cashews in a pretty dish on someone's coffee table. Don't do this. Dig in. Soak in his wisdom. Be taken by truth, perhaps as never before. The time you spend here will be a worthy investment. I promise."

Robert Wolgemuth, bestselling author

"Cancer is the reality check that no one wants. Uncertainties, fears, pain, relentless grief--Tim draws them close through life stories, then shines a searchlight on God's steadfast love, our refuge and true reality. A Day's Journey brings strange comfort to my own fearful, hopeful journey. I'm in good company."

Karen Hubbard, friend and fellow cancer survivor

"I've traveled with my friend Tim to some dangerous destinations for gospel advance. Now on a different kind of journey--the terra incognita of cancer--I've been watching him scrutinize Scripture and lean hard into Christ. This book is a blazing torch to guide us through the shadowlands."

Dr. David Hosaflook, missionary

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    Tim Keesee

    Tim Keesee (timkeesee.com) is an author, a filmmaker, and the founder and executive director of Frontline Missions International (FMI), a ministry that advances the gospel in the world's difficult places. He has traveled to over one hundred countries,...

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