A Day's Journey

Stories of Hope and Death-Defying Joy

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Tim Keesee spent years crisscrossing the globe, documenting the gospel's advance in regions of war and persecution through his writing and films. But double blows from terminal cancer diagnoses in 2019 and 2021 brought his travels to a halt.

In A Day's Journey, Keesee takes up his pen to write dispatches from a smaller, more intimate world. He writes of Christian brothers and sisters who have taught him so much about a day, a life, well spent: the way they work and worship, the way they pray and sing, the way they love their neighbors and their enemies, even when beaten black and blue for the sake of Christ. And in his fight for life, Keesee invites the reader to walk with him through days of pain and hard questions, but also days of grace, wonder, and death-defying joy.

Poignant, inspiring, and beautifully written, these stories capture how to spend our days well--modeling the courage we need, the joy we have, the gospel we love, the cross we bear, and the hope we embrace until faith becomes sight.

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  1. Tim Keesee
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    Tim Keesee

    Tim Keesee (timkeesee.com) is an author, a filmmaker, and the founder and executive director of Frontline Missions International (FMI), an organization that advances the gospel in the world's difficult places. He has traveled to over ninety countries,...

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