31 Days of Prayer for My Teen

A Parent’s Guide

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Parents of teens today face overwhelming challenges. Whether a model child out in a dangerous world or a rebellious maverick who's breaking mom and dad's hearts, every teen needs prayer. But where do parents start?
Susan Yates offers parents a clear-cut and simple plan for praying for their teens. 31 Days of Prayer for My Teen helps parents focus on the needs of their teens and pray effectively for things like

o moody, unloveable, or rebellious teens
o friends and role models
o temptation and decision making
o sibling rivalry and anger
o self-centeredness and doubt
o and much more.

Each prayer includes Scripture readings and journal questions for more in-depth study.


"As a mother of teenagers, I often feel hopeless, speechless and out-of-control. By opening up the pages of 31 Days of Prayer for My Teen I find the faith to believe, the words to pray and the encouragement to place my children into the trustworthy hands of their Father."--Lisa Whelchel, author of the bestseller Creative Correction,founder of MomTime Ministries

"Susan Yates, author of And Then I Had Kids as well as numerous other fabulous books, is one of the sweetest ladies you would ever want to meet. She's successfully raised five children, is a pastor's wife, author and speaker. I wish we lived closer because I would ask her to be my mentor."--Lisa Whelchel

"Teen years test every parent's mettle. Susan offers practical, pensive, and spiritual insights to surviving the days, months or even years of unique change. Feeling like a helpless parent? Dive into these pages and you will find a respite from the stress."--Michael J. Easley, senior pastor, Immanual Bible Church

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  1. Susan Alexander Yates

    Susan Alexander Yates

    Susan Alexander Yates is a popular speaker and the author of several books, including And Then I Had Kids and And Then I Had Teenagers. A regular guest on FamilyLife Today and other national radio programs, she lives with her husband,...

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