12 Habits for a Sound Mind and Joyful Life

Your Road Map to Overcome Daily Stresses and Messes

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Leave the Baggage Behind--and Uncover the Authentic You

More than 70 percent of adults feel they have a mental health problem. Without a clear path to healing, they've followed the devastating lies and whims of our ever-shifting culture--causing them even more pain.

Offering real hope and a new road map for inner peace, licensed counselor and author Diane Arnold leads you on a redemptive journey of twelve life-changing truths that help you live an emotionally, mentally, and spiritually healthy life. Through uplifting teaching and practical exercises, she provides real-world solutions and a spiritual compass to help you

· discover--and accept--the REAL you
· pursue your purpose
· silence shame
· experience unconditional love and acceptance
· find joy, think soundly, and live with courage

The road to wholeness and lasting healing isn't found in culture's constantly changing map. It's found in the quiet, narrow path of true peace and transformation. 

"A hope-soaked journey of self-discovery . . . shares the freedom God offers and calls each of us to."--DR. TIM CLINTON

"A powerful guide to help you uncover the truth of who you are and find healing and freedom from the lies."--DR. BRIAN SIMMONS, Passion & Fire Ministries

The Author

  1. Diane E Arnold
    Wendy Carey

    Diane E Arnold

    Diane E. Arnold is a licensed professional counselor, certified EFT and EMDR therapist, and one of the founders of The Grace Center, an international emotional healing center. Find out more at TheFamilyCollective.co.

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