100 Prayers Every Christian Should Know

Build Your Faith with the Prayers That Shaped History

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Ideal for readers whose prayer life has felt a little uninspired lately, 100 Prayers Every Christian Should Know offers a glimpse at some of history's most inspired words of prayer. The book will walk believers through the words of centuries' worth of the "great cloud of witnesses," whose offerings of praise and petitions still ring with importance even now.

Each chapter offers readers insightful prayers, fascinating history, and a motivating devotional thought to show how the words of yesterday can shape and mold us today. Drawing from believers' words throughout the history of the church, the book finds inspiration from men and women who found it invaluable to lift their voices to God. Unlocking a path to a deeper and more vibrant prayer life, 100 Prayers Every Christian Should Know reinforces trust in a timeless God whom believers have been humbled to pray to centuries ago, today, and for many years to come.