100 Best Bible Verses to Overcome Worry and Anxiety

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The Key Scriptures to Help You in Your Fears and Worries

Everyone struggles with worry. You may be wrestling with everyday fears about your relationships or your finances. Or perhaps you're dealing with huge decisions or paralyzing emotions. Whether your worries are big or small, God cares. He wants to replace fear with peace and hope, leading you to the freedom found in his love.
This book gathers Scriptures from across the entire Bible, carefully selected for their significance and helpfulness to the Christian life. Each of the 100 entries includes:

· a Bible verse
· a brief explanation of the verse's context in Scripture
· commentary on the verse's meaning
· application for the reader

Dig in to God's promises, provision, and wise counsel. And most of all, discover the peace and comfort that comes with the understanding that he loves you more than you'll ever know.