10 Prophetic Values for Today

Hearing, Glorifying and Restoring God's Voice

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You Were Created to Know the Shepherd's Voice--and Speak His Words to the World

This is a pivotal time in the Body of Christ: As the world tumbles into darkness, credibility issues have arisen within the prophetic movement, causing believers to be disillusioned, frustrated and unsure whom to trust.

Yet God is speaking more clearly than ever before. Are we willing--and able--to listen?

Full of hope and practical insights, this book brings you back to the basics of how to hear and speak the words of God. By digging into 10 biblical, prophetic values, Pastor James Levesque shows how cultivating qualities like perseverance, hope and generosity will help you hear God clearly and accurately--and represent Him with integrity.

In these unprecedented times, His voice must be our guide, and His Word must be our lamp. And as you follow where He leads, you will speak peace to the enemy's storms and be the light the world so desperately needs.

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  1. James Levesque
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    James Levesque

    Author, church planter, and international speaker James Levesque (www.jameslevesque.org) is the founder and lead pastor of a network of Engaging Heaven churches across North America. Widely regarded as some of the young, emerging apostolic champions of revival...

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